Finding a balance in their lives is a common theme for the four women in Balancing Acts: A Novel.

They met years before in college, and at a reunion, they reconnect and decide to join a basic yoga class for six weeks on Saturday mornings.

A Brooklyn neighborhood is at the centerpiece of this story, and sets the stage for the lifestyle action that follows. I could relate to the women, even though I’ve never lived in New York; and enjoyed reading about their journey toward finding their balance. Work, relationships, family—they each must address issues in these categories. Even though only one is a mother at the beginning, there is definitely the possibility for the issue of children to enter all of their lives.

Told from the perspectives of each of the women, I especially could relate to Naomi, the single mom, since I’ve also experienced that journey. For Bess and Sabine, the writers in the group, their career choices resonated with me as well. With Charlie, as the former Wall Street executive and current yoga studio owner, I connected the least. However, I found her experiences intriguing.

Balancing our lives and balancing on the yoga mat were intriguing analogies throughout this story, which I recommend for anyone who enjoys stories about women, friendship, and the balancing acts in life. The story was also a familiar one, like many stories of New York women finding their way: therefore, four stars.

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