Good morning!  Welcome to another Thursday event, in which we spark some creativity and dig into the books we’re reading for our Thursday Themes, hosted by Reading Between Pages ; or explore our thoughts and feelings about bookish topics in Booking Through Thursday.


Today’s Theme:

Our themes give us a wonderful opportunity to explore and understand different writing styles and descriptive approaches adopted by authors.

:) ). This week’s theme is

COME (came, arrive, coming etc)

For a couple of days, I’ve been reading a chunkster (627 pages) called Almost a Crime, by Penny Vincenzi.

Meet Tom and Octavia Fleming. Attractive, rich and madly successful, the pair appeared to have the perfect power marriage until an affair leaves their lives in fatal danger. For this is no ordinary affair, but one that leads to life-threatening terror from which nothing and no one in the Flemings’ charmed circle can escape: not their children, not their friends, not even the one thing that seemed beyond reach – their own professional success.

Described by Dominick Dunne as a writer “with verve and heart, immersing the reader in a world of engrossing and unforgettable glamour and passion,” and praised by Barbara Taylor Bradford as “marvelously engrossing,” Vincenzi’s newest novel is a surefire winner with critics and readers alike.


In this part of the story, the MC Octavia Spencer has gone to Barbados with a new lover; he is meeting some of her wealthy friends, and feeling uncomfortable.

Theme Snippet:  He felt instinctively that even a new shirt would hardly cover a lunch party with the Richardsons.  His headache had come back; beating right through him, down his neck and his back.  As he got up to follow the Richardsons to their table, he saw Bertie turn, take in his baggy flannel trousers and distinctly crumpled white shirt, saw his expression of slight disdain. p. 440


I think this particular vacation might just be the death of this relationship!  What intriguing snippets do you have to share?


In Booking Through Thursday, our leader has posed this question:

I saw this article the other day that asked, “Are you ashamed of skipping parts of books?” Which, naturally, made me want to ask all of YOU.

Do you skip ahead in a book? Do you feel badly about it when you do?

Thinking about this makes me cringe, which tells you already that “skipping” does make me feel guilty.  I don’t usually skip parts of books, especially when I’m going to review them.

However, if there are aspects to the book that are really boring and not adding to the story (IMO), I might SKIM through those parts.  Even then, I do feel a bit as though I’m cheating!

Someone in another similar conversation talked about skipping over battle scenes…now, unless the battle details are important to the story, I just might do that.

However, I am unlikely to read a book about battles (although some of the classics I read back in the day often included some battle scenes), so this issue isn’t going to arise often.

Nowadays, I try really hard to choose books that I’m going to enjoy, which means there won’t be a reason to skip parts.

What about the rest of you?  Do you have a guilty secret?






  1. Your snippet is surely apt for this week’s theme. The theme requested something / someone to come.. so what if it is a headache.

    Hmm, skipping through. I feel terrible guilty if I do. I sometimes do skip through extremely boring love scenes or very lengthy descriptions and that is mainly if the book is a so-so read. If the book is interesting give me 1000 pages of descriptions 🙂


  2. That’s why i don’t skip anything, always afraid of missing something important. But you shouldn’t feel guilty if you do, books are there to make us feel better not worse 🙂


    1. Some books must be savored…I just finished the book I wrote about above in Themes…and it was a chunkster. But I had to savor every morsel. Another book might require a different kind of attention.

      Thanks for stopping by, Laura.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Yvonne…I think that it would be unusual for me to skip parts…maybe skim occasionally, if the scenes seem irrelevant to the storyline. But mostly I like to savor my reads. A suspense will read more quickly, though, because I’m galloping along, trying to ferret out the clues. But you can’t skip anything in a book like that, because you might miss something important!


  3. I’m not a regular skimmer….so when I do skim it would be an exception and usually a signal to me that I’m not really loving the book!
    I too hate it when a headache ‘comes’ back!!
    Happy Reading 🙂


  4. jerikavonalexandra

    I agree with what you said about a passage not being an integral part of the story but I feel the same way you do if I skip reading passages like those. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by my blog to comment! 🙂


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