Good morning!  Welcome to another Thursday event, in which we spark some creativity and dig into the books we’re reading for our Thursday Themes, hosted by Reading Between Pages ; or explore our thoughts and feelings about bookish topics in Booking Through Thursday.

Today’s Theme:

Our themes give us a wonderful opportunity to explore and understand different writing styles and descriptive approaches adopted by authors.

This week’s theme is very related to the eye – any action that you do with your eye.


Mine is from my current read:  Jonathan’s Story, by Julia London, a spin-off from the now defunct soap Guiding Light.

From New York Times bestselling author Julia London comes the passionate, suspenseful novel based on Guiding Light, the 2007 Emmy Award-winning daytime drama.When his true love Tammy Winslow died saving his life, Jonathan Randall had only one reason left for existing: his baby daughter Sarah. But Sarah’s great-grandfather, powerful millionaire Alan Spaulding, was obsessed with bringing her up himself. Faking his death, Jonathan fled Springfield, leaving only his mother Reva Shayne aware he and Sarah were still alive.After being on the run for months, Jonathan comes to the sleepy town of Tourmaline, California, with no intention of staying. But ten-month-old Sarah seems strangely happy here, and Jonathan himself feels an inexplicable pull toward the town. It’s almost as if Tammy’s ghost were whispering to him that he should stay for a while. But life is hard for a bad boy trying to turn good, until a local young woman comes into his life.

Aubrey Cross isn’t quite sure what attracts her to this stranger in Tourmaline. Perhaps it’s his dark good looks; perhaps it’s because she too has always felt as if she doesn’t belong in Tourmaline, even though her father is the popular town sheriff. Aubrey alone knows that this pillar of the community is in reality a sadistic abuser.

And, of course, with a past like Jonathan’s, it’s no surprise that life doesn’t stay peaceful in Tourmaline for long. Sheriff Zeke Cross is sure there are some secrets buried, and he’s not going to rest until he uncovers them. Can Reva protect Jonathan and Sarah before they’re discovered by the dangerous Alan Spaulding?

Featuring some of Guiding Light’s favorite characters, Jonathan’s Story is the passionate tale of how Jonathan may have finally found a second chance for true love…but who knows better than Jonathan how quickly everything you love can be ripped away from you?


Snippet:  She (Reva Shayne) rounded another corner, banking the car wide and praying no one was coming toward her on the other side of the road.  She quickly straightened her car out and resumed her reckless speed.  Ahead of her, she could see a cloud of dust where Alan’s and Jonathan’s cars must have turned onto a gravel road.  p. 2


Booking Through Thursday prompt:

Have you ever read a random book left in a waiting room or on a park bench, etc., and did you like it?


I racked my brain on this one, but I could not think of a single time when that happened!  I’ve picked up magazines in waiting rooms, of course; but I haven’t seen a stray book anywhere.  Now I could be totally blocking this out.

I may have picked up a book or two at someone’s house, but not to read the whole thing.  Perhaps a page or two.  I couldn’t even tell you the name of any of these random books.

Wait!  I do recall picking up a random book a couple of years ago, at a resort where I was staying.  I had finished all the books I’d brought with me, and went to the office to see if they could tell me where the nearest bookstore was.  They pointed me to some shelves nearby and I was told I could pick something out there…so I grabbed a Faye Kellerman book that I hadn’t read, called Moon Music.  I did like it, although it wasn’t my usual choice.  There were shape-shifters, etc.  I was just happy to have something else to read!

Now I’m curious about what the responses of the rest of you!  Come on by and share….


  1. Well now that you mention it, while camping, there was a bookcase of books that we could borrow and read, I did that once. From then on I brought books from home with me to read. Good answer, it brought back a memory for me.


  2. I always make sure I have enough books with me – even when I’m on vacation, but I have read magazines in waiting rooms.

    Jonathan’s Story sounds good. I’ve seen this book around and wondered about it.


    1. Oh, so do I, Yvonne…except that I ended up spending lots of time alone on that vacation, so I read more. With my Kindle, that won’t be a problem!

      Thanks for stopping by. I loved Jonathan’s Story.


    1. Oh, I totally agree, Hazel. Funny thing, though: one day I was at the doctor’s, reading my book in the waiting room. I went up to pay, set my book down, and walked off without it! I called as soon as I realized it, but it was gone. So somebody read my “stray” book.

      I had to finish that one from a library copy…sigh.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. At the moment I can’t think of a random book. I’m sure there must have been a time for it…I can’t resist books. I know I’ve picked up books lying about before, but I just can’t think of one I read all of.

    Books based on soap operas…who knew? Of course, they do it with other shows (Star Trek, Babylon 5, etc)…so I suppose it’s not that far out. 🙂

    Here’s my theme:


    1. I think it would probably be pretty hard to read a random book…unless we walked away with it. Most of it probably wouldn’t do that…lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Bev…this year alone, I’ve read several books based on soap operas.


  4. I want to know your thoughts on this book.. have seen it around and was hoping to check it out myself.

    Regarding random books, I have never been so lucky. I don’t get to finish the books I carry and now with the kindle there is always an abundance. 🙂 Of course I don’t spare any magazine when I am waiting.


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