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Sparks are flying around the blogosphere again today, as we join in with Alyce, At Home With Books, to showcase our Saturday Snapshots.

This month brings the fifteenth birthdays of my two granddaughters, Aubrey and Fiona.  Here are a couple of shots of each of them, showing how they are enjoying their friendships.

Here’s one of Aubrey with some friends.  She is the second from the left.

Aubrey and Friends


And here’s Fiona with a friend.  She’s the one on the right.


Fiona and Friend


This second shot is a bit blurry…but you get the picture.

How did these two girls, who were babies just the other day (lol!) turn into fifteen-year-olds?

I’ll never stop feeling amazed at how quickly they’ve grown, or how much joy they bring to my life.

What are you sharing today?  Special moments?  I hope you’ll stop by and comment, with your links.



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    1. I should have featured shots of them as babies, in juxtaposition to these!

      It has been so amazing to have these “twin” cousins, who look nothing alike, but were born days apart.

      One living in LA and the other in the Central Valley. Very different lifestyles, but when they get together, it’s so much fun to watch.

      Thanks for visiting, Eugenia.


    1. I think so, too, Kaye. Kids nowadays do seem to have that trait…looking more mature.

      In actuality, Fiona, the one I see more often, seems totally poised and mature, but can still have fun and act goofy, too.

      I seem to recall being quite awkward at that age.

      Thanks for stopping by.


    1. Those years do fly by, Trish, which reminds me to enjoy every moment.

      I was at the hospital when Fiona was born and saw her right afterwards. I’ll never forget the look on my son’s face as he introduced her.

      I wish I could have been there for Aubrey, too, but saw her very soon afterwards.

      They were (and are) so precious!

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend.


    1. I think so, too, Kathy. They seem to be enjoying their teen years and so far, neither of them has shown that negativity we sometimes see from kids that age.

      Thanks for stopping by…and enjoy your weekend.


    1. I couldn’t believe it when it was happening. Not only do these two cousins have birthdays days apart, but so did their two older brothers (my first two grandsons), also born days apart. Unusual, huh?

      Thanks for stopping by, Sheila, and have a great weekend.


  1. You can totally see the family resemblance between the two! It’s amazing how fast the time passes, isn’t it? My sisters both have kids old enough to make their moms grannies and it blows my mind.


    1. The oldest grandkids are almost seventeen…so before long, I could be a great-grandma (for real). I already have some step-grandchildren.. Yikes!

      Hopefully it will be at least eight to ten years, though….lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Alyce…and I hope you enjoy your weekend.


  2. Such beautiful girls! The time does fly by doesn’t it? My sons are all out of school and only one is still at home. We even have grandbabies now! How did that happen already? :O

    Great photos!


  3. Such a neat [in my opinion] aspect of our modern age is the ease with which we click away when it comes to photography. We nary give it a thought, we just reach out and SNAP. For instance, the first photo shown is so obviously a self-taken shot — but see, back in the day [back when I was turning 15] such a moment would have been missed. Taking pictures was more of an… event. Geez — you had to go and get the thing DEVELOPED….. and pay a bill, no less.
    But now, click, click, click — and so many more beautiful, at the time seemingly insignificant moments [like this one of your grand-daughters] are preserved and eternalized.


    1. You’re right, Cipriano…and when I think about how often we got shots that weren’t right, because we couldn’t check, delete, and reshoot like we can now…that is another aspect to the process that we don’t often think of anymore.

      Thanks for stopping by….


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