Sparks are flying around the blogosphere again today, as we join in with Alyce, At Home With Books, to showcase our Saturday Snapshots.

Today I’m going to showcase some Then and Now photos…again.  Yes, I know I go down this road a lot, but bear with me….

Toddler Noah -- at my foothill house


Nine-year-old Noah - Dinner at Red Robin, just the other day

What a difference a few years can make!  And then there are those glasses, making him look very serious.

Now for Fiona….

Fiona Surrounded by Nana's the foothills house


Teenage Fiona....Another Version


My Then and Now photos have showcased the people…now let’s look at the setting.  I started my Coca Cola collections in my guesthouse in the foothills, as shown here:

And, as depicted a couple of weeks ago, here’s the Now version:



Now I can’t wait to see what the rest of you have chosen to feature today. 




Last week, I was scrolling through various Facebook pages and found the center snapshot above:  my granddaughter Fiona enjoying the flowers.

And then, of course, I had to find these other two photos that remind me of flowers:  Fiona as a toddler, on the left; and my daughter Heather on the right.

Awhile ago, I wrote a post over at Story Corner:  Where Have All the Flowers Gone?  A look back at the “flower child era” and how those times informed my life.  A bit of nostalgia, a melancholy sentiment about how times change.

On a similar note, as I was driving home last night, I thought about all the things that used to be, but are no more.

On Shaw Ave. in Fresno, there is a place where an old Carnation Restaurant used to sit; after meetings and other night events, friends used to go there and eat, laugh, and talk.  Anyone remember this place?


Ours didn’t look nearly as delicious as the one pictured above.  It was a simple, one-story building on the corner of the mini-mall.  But we created many memories there.

Then, in Fig Garden Village, there was a place called Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor.



What I remember most about this place was how LOUD it was, but how the kids simply had to go there to celebrate their birthdays.

I often wonder what happened to this place?  For awhile, an Applebee’s was there; now there is something else.



I guess that’s the way things happen:  old things disappear, replaced by new things.  New memories on top of the old ones.

Do you have favorite moments from the past?  What new memories are filling in for the old ones?

What pushes your nostalgia button?  Things that are no more?  Or do you relish how new things come in place of the old ones?