Sparks are flying around the blogosphere again today, as we join in with Alyce, At Home With Books, to showcase our Saturday Snapshots.

Continuing with my recent “then” and “now” trend, today I’m featuring my oldest grandson, who is turning seventeen in June!  I know…I can’t believe it either.

Here’s a photo of him…before he was truly socialized.  The dangling noodle might be your first clue.

Alec, age one

Here he is again, a few years later…about nine.  He’s the one in the middle.

Alec in the Middle


And now…wait for it!  Here he is, just the other day, looking completely socialized and somewhat glamorous.

How did it happen?  I still think of him as my first grandbaby!

What do you have to share today?  I hope you’ll stop by and leave some comments and links.

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  1. You blink your eyes and they’re not babies anymore. Nice pictures.

  2. I’m glad to see he ‘cleans up well’ ! What a handsome young man! You must be soooo proud of him!

    • Oh, I am, Susan…and the best part is that he is a truly wonderful young man, and SOOO smart…and I’m not just bragging…lol

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend.

  3. How fun! He was an adorable baby, and looks great in that sharp suit now!

  4. ~ Thank you for visiting my blog – your grandson is a very handsome young man.

  5. Yup, time goes so quickly!

    • Doesn’t it? Sometimes it seems like just the other day that I was blowing out birthday candles and wishing for a grandchild. And just a few months later, I had two!

      Thanks for visiting, Jake, and have a great weekend.

  6. And what a handsome first grandbaby he is! That noodle picture is quite precious :)

  7. You look away for a minuteand they’re grown! Time’s magic.

  8. Wow… people sure change over time!!!! Great way to highlight a character. Treasure the days!!

  9. Those are amazing changes! He looks so grown up!

  10. At all goes by too quickly, doesn’t it? He’s quite a handsome young man.

  11. Lovely photos that will bring back so many memories in the years to come!

  12. They do grow up so fast!! He’s a good looking young man and his friend is quite pretty!

  13. Such wonderful photos! It’s so cliche but the time does fly. He was an adorable baby and now he’s a very handsome young man. He’s lucky to have you for his grandma!

  14. Oh I hear you Laurel – Justin and Brad and 21 and 24 and I think where did my boys go?

    • Sometimes it seems like just the other day that my own kids were babies….and then the grandkids as babies. Five of the grandkids are teens, now, and two of them will be “adults” in a little over a year.

      Thanks for visiting, Sheila, and enjoy your weekend.

  15. It’s amazing how quickly they grow up and become socialize. Although…they’re so cute when they’re young and just do whatever without worrying about what everybody thinks. Very handsome young man.

    Here’s my Snapshot:

  16. Loved it. He looks like he was very excited and handsome.

  17. What a beautiful then and now montage. They do grow way too fast. I feel like it was not long ago that I was going to a prom:)

  18. What a lovely series. It’s nice to know that they do come out socialised on the other end. My son is still in the second stage photo….

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