Sparks are flying around the blogosphere again today, as we join in with Alyce, At Home With Books, to showcase our Saturday Snapshots.

Instead of my recent theme of “then and now,” today I’m highlighting spring moments. 

First, here’s Fiona at the prom, photographed with a friend.  We saw her before in the dress without the hairdo and other accessories; now we see her dolled up.

Left, Fiona; Right, Friend


Here are a couple of photos of Fiona with her nephew, Logan, at the river:


Do you think he’s enjoying it?  I’ll bet he is….

And here’s my patio, ready for spring and summer days, with a cold drink and a good book.

That reminds me…since it’s Friday, I’ll have to go out there again and sweep up the leaves and blossoms left by the gardeners!

What are you reading this weekend?  I’m reading these two books:












Come on by and leave some links…I can’t wait to see what you’re showing this weekend!


    • Thanks, Harvee….can you believe I used to live just up a slope from that river? For thirteen years?

      I think I’ll be quite happy with the patio table, though; no mosquitoes there…lol

      Glad you could visit today!


  1. Fiona’s dress is so cute. I remember it from when you showed it before. Yes, I bet Logan is having a ball. Why do kids love to be dangled upside down so much? LOL


    • I think they love it for the same reasons they enjoy roller coasters…but I’m so not loving the sight of it. I always worry! lol

      Thanks for visiting, Kay, and I like how Fiona’s dress looks when she’s all dolled up with hair and accessories. Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Love that dress! I bet they had a fabulous time 🙂 Ahh yes, outdoor reading is just around the corner for us. I still need to throw a blanket over my shoulders to keep the chill from the lake away.


    • Thanks, Annie…I do think he is lovin’ it!

      I like the cuteness of the penguin dress, and how its quirkiness is so much more creative than those taffeta and net things we had when I was young…lol

      Glad you could stop by.


    • Ha-ha…yes, memories of sunshine are good. We had some weeks recently when it would be nice, and then the rain would come.

      I think it could still happen again, but this weekend promises to be nice. Thanks for stopping by, Laura.


    • I agree, Cheryl….I was happy to see the photo at the prom….the “before and after” thing was fun.

      I had some good times at that river, when I lived just up the slope from it! Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl.


  3. That penguin dress is a keeper… it’s just so cute!

    My deck is a favorite place to read in the summer too. Once I get the gardening done and the plants potted I should have some time to sit, relax and read. Until then it’s audiobooks while working in the yard.


    • I wish I had a bigger patio area, like the deck I had at my former house; but it is nice and private and shaded by the umbrella.

      Thanks for stopping by, Leslie, and I love the penguin dress, too.


    • I adore it, too; I think she does have a great deal of self-confidence…and ego-strength, as we psych types like to say…lol.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sim, and enjoy your weekend.


    • Thanks, Vicki, I’m ready to go out to the patio now.

      I am very proud of Fiona for knowing what she likes and not being afraid to go for it. Glad you could stop by, and have a great weekend.


  4. What a fun dress–so different from the usual frou-frou dresses. It’s nice that she’s so confident at her age. I always wore exactly what I wanted to wear too–didn’t care if it was “in” or the right label. It’s good to know who you are and what you like. Good for her!

    Here’s my Snapshot


  5. I absolutely love your granddaughter’s sense of self and sense of fun!! Great shots all the way around!


  6. Firstly, your last picture reminds me of how I cleaned up my balcony this weekend — sweeping up all the “blossoms” left by pigeons!
    Secondly, Fiona looks like such a sweetheart and bundle of fun. If she wore that dress to the prom, well, I just think that is adorable. As Bev mentioned, it is so not “frou-frou”.


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