Sparks are flying around the blogosphere again today, as we join in with Alyce, At Home With Books, to showcase our Saturday Snapshots.

This week, I’m taking advantage of the Great Outdoors in sharing these shots of my niece Amy and her family at Soda Creek Falls, Oregon.

The first shot shows Amy with Gavin (left) and Lucas (right).

Amy and Family at Soda Creek Falls

Next we have a shot of little America, who will be four on September 11.

Horsing around

Amy, Rick, and America


It looks like a good time for all!  Now…what are the rest of you showcasing this week?  I can’t wait!


    • Thanks, Sheila….I loved seeing yours, too; I mentioned in my comment on your blog that your little town reminded me of a place I lived for awhile. Glad you could stop by, and enjoy your weekend.


    • Oh, I know what you mean….in California, where I live, there are flat lands, agricultural areas, and then the mountains and the coast. Lots of variety.

      Oregon is beautiful, too; I haven’t been there in awhile.

      Thanks for stopping by, Leslie, and enjoy your weekend.


  1. Amazing scenery, and you have a lovely family. I’ve just had to look up Oregon to see where it is, because I remember reading a book about the Oregon Trail when I was a child – Children on the Oregon Trail perhaps?


    • Oregon and Washington are both so gorgeous…and I love the greenery everywhere. The price, of course, is that it rains a lot.

      I’ve always thought it would be great to live there, but instead, I continue to live in California and visit those two states.

      Thanks for stopping by, Melissa, and enjoy your weekend.


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