Sparks are flying around the blogosphere again today, as we join in with Alyce, At Home With Books, to showcase our Saturday Snapshots.

After enjoying last weekend with grandkids, I started thinking about the arrangement of my living room.  I wanted change.  And even though I’ve changed various pieces in the living room, dining room, etc., two large pieces seemed unchangeable.  I could only ever visualize the big sofa and love seat as they have been since I moved in five years ago.  Like this.

Love seat and sofa at right angles


But my granddaughter is very much an “outside the box” thinker, and while I’ve been known to do the same, I was stymied.  Stuck.

But then she said:  Put one of the pieces on the diagonal. 

And I realized that would work.   Plus, the fireplace is already at an angle.  So here’s what I came up with….

Sofa on the diagonal, facing loveseat
Another view


Facing the fireplace head-on


So as I sit back with my book and gaze around, I am satisfied.  For now.

And I have to laugh as I think about all that huffing and puffing and sweating in order to make the changes.  It was morning, fortunately, but was already heading toward a hot day.  But the best part?  Finding inspiration from an unexpected source.

After I washed away the toil of the morning, I went to lunch with a friend…and relaxed.


Now I’m off to visit your blogs…and see what you’ve snapped this week.



  1. Rearranging furniture is so refreshing, isn’t it? And a pair of fresh eyes is sometimes what’s needed to make things just right. I had to rearrange my living room at Christmas to accommodate all our visitors and it worked out so well I just left the furniture that way. I probably never would have thought of it otherwise. Funny how that happens!


    1. I do love rearranging things, and have often done other parts of the house, like the dining room, etc. I thought I was “stuck” with how things were in this room…I’m grateful for the fresh eyes.

      Don’t you love seeing a new configuration? It always feels like a totally new room to me. And it keeps me from shopping for new stuff! lol

      Thanks for visiting, Trish.


    1. Thanks, Mazz…when I moved to this small condo five years ago, it was a big adjustment after the big house in the foothills. But I relished the smaller space, since it doesn’t take as long to clean, etc.

      But it does present challenges. It has been fun, though. Glad you could stop by…enjoy your weekend.


      1. The diagonal does look good. When I was young, I use to change the furniture around all the time. Now, I can’t remember the last time I moved any heavy furniture. It’s difficult because our apartment is very small. There aren’t many choices.


    1. She is definitely clever…and very creative. Even though I’ve used the diagonal placement in other homes, for some reason, I didn’t think it would work here. I am happy to be wrong!

      Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl. Enjoy your weekend.


    1. It’s funny how some people react to rearranging things. In my second marriage, my (then) hubby had the rearranging bug and sometimes I would come home from work and stumble over things in unexpected places.

      I also have always enjoyed changing things up…it’s better (for me) than shopping for new stuff, the other alternative. lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Nise, and enjoy your weekend.


  2. It looks fabulous, well worth the effort, and I love your display of dolls and toys, especially the doll with the red cloak and hood in the first picture – when I was three-and-a-half a great aunt who lived in America, sent me a doll that was very similar, but smaller, with an almost-identical outfit, and a bag stuffed with ‘bought’ clothes for her. There was nothing like it in England at the time (all my other dolls had clothes made from scraps by mother), so you can imagine how impressed I was!


    1. I have loved dolls since I was little…and because my parents thought I was too old for them (after four: imagine that?), I never got over the need.

      So, as I describe it now, I’m enjoying my second childhood.

      The Red Ridinghood Doll is a Marie Osmond I found online. I guess you probably noticed the wolf sitting next to her. If you press his hand, he sings the Little Red Ridinghood song.

      Thanks for visiting, Christine…enjoy your weekend.


    1. I have a hard time with big furniture…but after I’d measured things, I could sort of visualize it. I had to actually do it before I was sure, though. Then the smaller pieces had to be arranged and rearranged…quite a task. But exhilarating. I decided that was my workout for the day…lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Book Savvy….enjoy your weekend.


    1. Thanks, Jackie…I constantly move around the smaller stuff, in the dining room, entry way, etc. This was a big task I wasn’t sure would work out, so I’m pleased. Glad you could stop by…have a great weekend.


    1. Thanks, Susan…I have cut back on the collections, as I now have to rotate them in and out of the garage. But I think books and dolls are the favorites, followed closely by movies. I have many figurines as well. I don’t collect guns…lol

      I found Madeleine online…I had seen her in a store ad, but they were out, so I went to my trusty Amazon. I like dolls that are bookish….from Madeleine to Red Ridinghood and Kit Kittredge.

      Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your weekend.


  3. Change is good. The longer stuff stays in one place the less likely we are to move it. I never move anything around but my husband likes to rearrange. So every once in a while I find the sofa where a chair used to be or a table missing. As long as I don’t trip over it, it’s ok.


    1. This was the longest time that my sofas remained in the one spot (five years), because this smaller space seemed less conducive to changes (of the big pieces). Now I’m freed from my “stuck” mode!

      Thanks for stopping by, Leslie, and have a great weekend.


    1. I was surprised that the outlets, etc., worked out, as they are not arranged very well. Of course, the TV remains in its usual spot.

      Thanks for stopping by, Alyce, and I’m enjoying the feel of the “new” room. Enjoy your weekend.


  4. I like it on the diagonal. Looks great! I like to rearrange too. Unfortunately, the hubby doesn’t like change…especially in the living room where he swears that everything is arranged perfectly for the best sound from the tv/sound system (he’s an audio/visual kind of guy). But it is about time that I rearranged the back bedroom….

    Here’s my Snapshot


    1. Yes, we do have our favorite comfort zones, don’t we? I suspect this arrangement will stick for awhile, mainly because it was an exhausting job doing it! lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Diane, and have a great weekend.


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