Welcome to another creative opportunity to showcase photos, via our weekly Saturday Snapshot event, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books.

This past week, I spent most days hanging out with grandson Noah, enjoying some movies, some lunches, and some time curling up on the sofa.  Here he is watching a movie.

Still watching the movie, he continues enjoying his snack.

While he was engrossed, I was snapping shots of other parts of the room.  Like the new arrangement of decorative items on the sofa table….

Or the halltree by the front door….

Meanwhile, in LA, my three grandchildren (Alec, Aubrey, and Aaron) welcomed another sibling (to join Silas) in their home.  A baby sister named Sidney.

And here she is with her adoring big brother Silas.

Looks like a great summer all around, doesn’t it?  And next week, Alec, Aubrey, and Aaron will accompany their father (my son Brett) to London, for the Olympics.  I can’t wait to see those photos!

What are the rest of you sharing today?  Come on by and leave some comments and links!


  1. Sidney is beautiful. Does everyone in your family give their children the same first letter in their names? Sidney and Silas — Alec, Aubrey and Aaron.
    Visiting the Olympics is something I’ve never even allowed myself to dream of doing. Can’t wait to see photos. Here’s Mine


    1. My former daughter-in-law is the mother of all five kids. The kids she had with my son all have names beginning with “A” and led to us calling them the “A Team.”

      I think the newest babies’ names begin with “S” because of her new surname.

      Thanks for stopping by, Paulita, and enjoy your weekend. Loved your shots of France.


      1. It was fun with Noah…and exhausting…lol. That part always surprises me, since he’s pretty good at entertaining himself. Thanks for stopping by, Vicki, and enjoy the weekend.

        Babies are definitely some of life’s greatest gifts.


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