Welcome to another creative opportunity to showcase photos, via our weekly Saturday Snapshot event, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books.

This week I want to showcase collages.  Creations that show us relationships that are dear to us, like granddaughters, cousins, the generations, and a coming-of-age portrait.

First is one I created of my two granddaughters at different points in their lives.  The photo on the left was taken a few months ago, and the snow baby poses show them at age seven at the Big Bear Cabin.

Next I’m focusing in on the two cousins.

Left, Aubrey at the beach; bottom right, Fiona clowning around at school; and top right, more snow babies


Now for a spotlight on generations of women in my family.

Left to right: Laurel-Rain, my mom, two cousins again, and my daughter at age 17


And the final shot is of a collage hanging on the wall in my office, showing family moments.

Left to right:  me and my brother, ages five and eight; me with my first born son; my mother holding me as a baby; and my brother, in the 1980s.

Middle row, left to right:  There I am again as a slightly older baby; me, my grandmother, and my mom in the late 1950s; my parents with older brother as infant, with grandmother and aunt; and in the final group photo, my brother and me, our parents, grandmother, aunt and uncle and cousin.

Front Row:  Me as a babe in the buggy; me at sixteen; and me at fourth birthday.


More family moments than what you were expecting, I’m sure. 

Now I’m off to see what the rest of you are showing today.




  1. My favorite is the generations of women in your family.

    I don’t have a lot of old photos, and it’s kind of sad to think with everything digital, and most housed on computers or phones we’ll have fewer and fewer photos in the future to pass on to the generations.


  2. What a wonderful way to showcase the people you love. I have a collage of each of my boys when they were babies and toddlers in the hall that I pass by several times a day and it always makes me smile 🙂


  3. What a lovely way to commemorate relations between the women in your family, and the links between the generations. I like you in that little pleated skirt, and I love the one of your mum with hat huge ribbon in her hair. Than you for fro visiting my blog.


    • Thanks, Christine; I do like seeing the style contrasts through the generations. The picture of me throwing the bear is such an opposite pose to my mom’s well-behaved and serious little lady look. Glad you could stop by.


  4. Lovely photos. Collages are such a neat way to display family photos. I really like the b&w pics. When I see old photos I can’t help imaging what it was like to live in that time/place.


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