Good morning!  Why don’t you pull up a chair, as I have a story to tell.

Yes, a story that might sound like total BS…or maybe not.  Over at today’s Saturday Snapshot, I had a visitor who suggested that I write a story that “connects those three disparate photos” I had presented.

I took that as a challenge, although even as I write this, I have NO IDEA where the story will begin or end.

Let’s start with Brett, the happy and enthusiastic sports addict standing by the Stanley Cup in the first photo.  From almost Day One of this young man’s life, he was obsessive about certain things.  Like his Binky when he was a baby and then, later, about his comic book collections.

You see, collecting and obsessing about things is a family trait.  At least for some of us.

While “growing” these kids, I obsessed about reading and writing.  And as they grew, I began collecting my own objects of passion.  Quirky things.  Old things. I still have a very unusual candle holder that I discovered when Brett was a baby.

I love looking back at items I’ve “obsessively” collected and recalling when and where I found them.  Now this one will have to find its way into a Saturday Snapshot post…or perhaps into a blog header.

Brett turned his comic book collections into something of value.  Later he would bring in a lot of money for them.  Sports remained a passion of his.  We always had to have a basketball hoop nearby, as he LOVES basketball.

Later in my life, I found another obsession when I discovered blogging.  It didn’t take long for my passion to extend to editing photos for blog headers.   Photographing everything around me and turning the creations into something else, like scrapbook spreads and blog headers seemed a logical progression.

Hence…my photos today for possible new blog headers.

So…what links the photos today is a family tendency to develop passions that extend to collections and…yes, obsessions.

Do you and your family members share any unique (or quirky) passions?  What do you all enjoy doing?


  1. Well, you did a pretty good job of connecting the photos. Hope it leads to a short story someday, about a young man who collected things and how his mom started a collection of her own.


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