What would life be like if you had extraordinary gifts that sometimes felt more like a curse?

The women in the Sparrow family encounter this conundrum every day of their lives in the small Massachusetts village where their ancestor Rebecca, the first Sparrow woman, appeared out of nowhere and took the town by surprise.

Elinor is the present day matriarch, whose gift is to see the lies people tell. Her ability caused a major rift between her and her daughter Jenny, who fell in love with a liar and con man named Will Avery. Meanwhile, Jenny’s gift is to see people’s dreams. When she saw Will’s dream the fateful day they met, she believed he was her destiny.

Their daughter Stella has the gift of premonitions that foretell how one will die.

But what might happen in life if the gifts were misunderstood or a mistake? What if the dream Jenny thought she saw in Will had not been his, but his brother Matt’s? Would such a mistake forever alter the course of their lives?

And if Stella sees how a woman will have her throat cut, and tells her father about it, will this revelation lead to a major misstep that causes him to be charged with murder?

From the past to the present, the story is woven together to show the history of the Sparrows and their destiny based on how their lives might unfold. Almost magical, The Probable Future can leave the reader wondering, even as some questions are answered. Four stars.


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