Welcome to another creative opportunity to showcase photos, via our weekly Saturday Snapshot event, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books.

This past week, I’ve been having some fun tweaking things around the old homestead.  Rearranging stuff is what I do these days instead of buying new stuff for the house.

In the dining room, I decided to change the chairs a bit, and discovered that I now have a better view of my stuff in the cupboards.

One thing led to another, and I moved some stuff from various places to create a new vignette on the Baker’s Rack.



View of the rearranged table and chairs from the kitchen


When I sat down at one of the chairs near the other cupboards, I had a better view of the seldom photographed cupboard just opposite.

Just in case you’re wondering if I came to this compulsive place all on my own, think no more.  I blame it on Nate Berkus’s book The Things That Matter, which described and showed his passion for creating spaces.  He also talks about constantly moving stuff around in his place, and how everything looks new again, while at the same time, he remembers how and where he came upon each object.  For me, that has been true this week as I traipsed down memory lane while changing things around.

Do you find inspiration in the books you read? 

Now I’m off to see what the rest of you are spotlighting today.


    1. Ha-ha…Yes, I “blame” the book, but in a good way. Thanks for stopping by, Leslie, and I enjoy the Coca Cola stuff, too. I hadn’t planned to have a whole theme around it, having started with the table and chairs while living in the foothills (They were in my guesthouse). But in my smaller space, it made the most sense.


    1. Thanks, Barbara…when I moved the chairs just a bit, I could sit and look at the various collections. Some are mostly sentimental, like the beaded necklace hanging from the jelly cupboard. I wore that to a party in 1970, where I met my second husband.


  1. Love your coca cola chairs, and you certainly have stuff. I’ve been trying to re arrange my work room, I get so caught up in doing inventory, things don’t look different soon enough.


    1. That reminds me….I need to reorganize my books! Sometimes I can’t remember where an individual book might be; they’re alphabetized within each bookshelf, but I have lots of shelves. Thanks for visiting (and hosting), Alyce.


    1. Diane, I have cut down on the number of collections since moving from the bigger house (with a guest house) in the foothills. My daughter is a minimalist and calls me a “hoarder,” although I know that I haven’t crossed THAT line, yet….lol

      Thanks for visiting…and sometimes I do wish I had fewer things to dust!


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