In 1978, Angelina Sullivan disappeared after an evening at the skating rink in Hookstown, Pennsylvania.

While there was much speculation about who might have killed her, after her body was found in the mid-eighties, none of the suspects were ever arrested.

But then a gruesome discovery of a dead body in a freezer comes to light in the present day, when volunteers are clearing out the home of Albert Gordon, a deceased attorney, who was also a serious hoarder.

When the body turns out to be that of Cherry Pickens, a porn star, and also known as Cheryl Smith, a mean girl during Angelina’s high school days, there are many new possibilities arising. Are the murders of the two girls connected? Did someone in Angie’s life kill Cheryl to avenge her death? Or was Cheryl the victim of a mobster or even a drug dealer? And how did the freezer end up in Albert Gordon’s basement? Was he somehow connected to the murder?

The various threads start coming together, but in the end, the intricacies kept me turning pages and shaking my head. First I was sure it was this person, then that one, then several individuals sprang to mind.

Lead investigator in the case was Cameron Gates, whose love interest is Joshua Thornton, a prosecuting attorney; the pairing of these two adds just the right romantic interest to Dead on Ice: A Lovers In Crime Mystery, the first in a new series featuring them. I can’t wait for the next book! Five stars, and recommended for all those who enjoy romantic suspense, as well as for fans of Lauren Carr.

Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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