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Welcome to another creative opportunity to showcase photos, via our weekly Saturday Snapshot event, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books.

This week has been about changing up the space…again!  Yes, I’m restless, and when that happens, I can’t help rearranging things.

Here’s a collage showing some of what I did.


In the dining room, (top left and right), I swapped out the Baker’s Rack and the smaller green cupboard (now on the left side of the space).  I like seeing the Baker’s Rack in a more prominent position.

Bottom left shows the hat/handbag tree from the bedroom now standing guard near the fireplace; and on the right, you can see down the hall to the beaded curtain.

So now…what about the rest of you?  I’m off to check you out!


    1. I’ve had the boa since my house in the foothills…then the hat/handbag tree was on the stair landing, with different items hanging there as well. And I had a black and bronze beaded curtain leading into the hallway, but when I moved, I lent it to my daughter…and it broke, I should find and scan a photo!

      Thanks for visiting, Christine….


    1. I usually tackle one or two at a time….I have a lot of time since I retired from my official career, and sometimes blogging doesn’t consume all of my energy…lol

      It is a big job, though, and I hope I’m done for awhile…lol

      Thanks for visiting, Paulita…and enjoy your weekend.


    1. I love those, too, Diane…my youngest son built them for me…as well as one of my living room floor-to-ceiling shelves. The hallway ones hold my DVD collection.

      Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the weekend.


    1. It is, Carolyn…I found that, along with many of my “treasures” in a shop where people bring their collections on consignment. It’s called Palace Courtyard….and the shelves were built by my son for my DVD collection. Thanks for visiting, and have a great weekend.


  1. I feel like I’m constantly in rearranging mode these days…with daughters moving in and out, from dorm to home to apartment to home…:) But, I don’t mind. My house gets the cleanest when I’m moving stuff 🙂


    1. I love it, too, Kim, and it seemed to happen “serendipitously.” When my guesthouse in the foothills was empty for the first time in a decade, I needed to decorate. I found the “fifties” nook in one of my favorite shops, and started first with the table, and then the other pieces were added. So when I moved to my condo, it made sense to keep these pieces.

      Thanks for visiting…and enjoy the weekend.


    1. Thanks, Heather…it was such serendipity for me to discover the little “fifties nook” in a favorite shop when I was getting ready to redecorate my guesthouse. Naturally I had to bring these things to my condo five years ago. Glad you could stop by, and enjoy!


  2. What creative space you have, my dear! And energy that matches. I can’t even bear to think of moving furniture! UGH!. I’m basically a lazy person, I guess.


    1. I do have to be careful…when I rearranged my office awhile back, it did take me awhile to find some things….and by the time I did, I had looked literally everywhere! lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Leslie, and enjoy the weekend.


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