Welcome to another creative opportunity to showcase photos, via our weekly Saturday Snapshot event, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books.

Last week, I shared my space in flux, and described my journey toward finding a beaded curtain.  As I recalled the beads I’d enjoyed before, I thought about scanning photos and bringing out some of those past interiors.

Like these from my A-frame cottage in the foothills.  In this photo, you can see one of my grandsons running through the beads.  This was a fun activity for all of them at one time or another.  I think that was why they loved visiting Nana!  lol

In this photo below, you can see another view that shows the beaded curtain leading into the hallway (on the right), and a glimpse of the dining room and kitchen on the left.  And my little jelly cupboard that has been spotlighted in recent versions of my collections.

Another view of the dining room and kitchen, separated by the little gingham drape.  I miss the green farmhouse table and chairs (you can see the chairs here); but in my smaller space, I had to choose between the Coca Cola table and chairs from the guesthouse…or this one.

I gave this one to my daughter.

And now….just to bring us back to the present again, I spiffed up my guest bathroom a bit this week, adding a couple of things.  A collage that shows a new shower curtain (left); a mirror image reflecting some girly things (doll and old shoe with flowers); and some of the Victorian prints, etc.

Now I’m off to enjoy your photos!  Hope you’ll stop by….


    1. Oh, they do, Margaret….I lived in that house for thirteen years, so a piece of me remains, even though I wanted to sell and move to a smaller space in the city. But I am glad to have the photos. Thanks for visiting.


    1. Yes, I searched quite awhile before finding the green chairs and the farmhouse table; and the jelly cupboard is one I discovered in one of my favorite shops called Granny’s Cobweb Closet. No longer in business…sigh.

      Thanks for visiting, Shari.


    1. Well, there were times in my life (way back when) that didn’t allow for many of these activities. Work, kids, graduate school at night…I barely had time to look at the spaces I lived in. So now I enjoy “playing” with these things. Thanks for visiting, Leslie.


  1. I remember those beaded curtains lol!! Your home looks like a cozy little variety shop! Love that you fill it with things you love. My mom was a doll collector and had hundreds of them. Most were displayed in a spare bedroom, but some were here and there throughout the house.

    Thanks for visiting my Saturday Snapshot!


    1. I have most of them in my bedroom, but I also have the one in the bathroom, a few in the hallway, more in the office, and even some in the dining room. I get so used to them being around that I don’t think of how many there are…lol

      My obsession with dolls happened because I never got my fill of them as a kid. My parents thought they were frivolous…so, of course, I have to make up for that!

      The beads make me think about the carefree times of the sixties and seventies (although, looking back, I’m thinking it wasn’t all that carefree!).

      Thanks for stopping by, Vicki…enjoy your weekend.


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