On a warm night in May, in San Francisco, California, a glittering crowd gathers for a charity dinner dance. A celebrity headliner, a gorgeous venue, and the sparkle of the good life promise a wonderful and profitable evening.

Sarah Sloane, the wife of a wealthy hedge fund manager, is the hostess. And she knows just how to excel at bringing successful events to fruition.

But before the night is over, everything about her life and the lives of all those attending will be upended. A shake, the horrific sound of glass shattering as lights go out, and the unmistakable realization of a huge earthquake changes everything.

In the aftermath, which goes on for days, then weeks, and ultimately for the rest of their lives, four attendees will be forever impacted by the events, as well as the connections and experiences of those early days.

What subsequent event, triggered by the earthquake, will implode Sarah and Seth Sloane’s lives, almost as horribly as the natural diaster? What betrayal will blindside Sarah, even as the detritus of the earthquake reveals itself? How will a journalist, a nun, and the event headliner connect in unexpected ways, and find new meaning and direction for their lives?

The stories of each of these characters were fascinating and engaging, albeit fairly shallow. Predictably, love connections are formed, even as career and life changes come about. Amazing Grace is a sweet tale of finding hope and renewal in the face of tragic circumstances. 3.5 stars.


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