Welcome to another Saturday Snapshot event, hosted by At Home With Books.

Every week, we come together with a snapshot or two or more….sharing a glimpse of our world and peeking into yours.

This week, I’m spotlighting some of my cozy world, as I read and watch movies.  In the first photo, I’ve pushed the loveseat to a new angle, which brings it closer to the other sofa….and makes for friendly interactions.

room changes

sofa table

In the photo above, you can see how I’ve discovered more book spaces on the bottom shelf….I put the Coca Cola bears in garage bins for now.


In the photo above, you can see today’s reading material on the table…and a view of the fireplace and loveseat from where I’m sitting on the larger sofa.

And now…here’s a photo of me, snapped in 1970.  I was cooking Christmas dinner when my partner captured me.  Read more about it here at Dames of Dialogue, where Betty Dravis writes about Why Are These Authors So Happy?

Rain in 1970

Thanks for stopping by!  And now I’m off to visit your featured photos.

Let's chat!

Let’s chat!


    • Thanks, Brona…I searched for this one in the old albums when another author (Betty Dravis) wanted “smiling” photos of us for her article. And the purple dress….I loved it, too. Wore it until it was in shreds…lol.


  1. I love finding new places to stash my books too. They seem to migrate all over the house.

    The wall poster in the last photo really does grab the eye, It’s so iconic. And you are so color coordinated too.


    • Thanks, Leslie…I didn’t realize how much I coordinated with my abode, but purple is my signature color (along with red)…lol.

      When I took the collection of bears off the bottom shelf (they’re such dust collectors!), I thought: A-ha! A new book place.


    • Oh, no, Jackie…the GARAGE bins….lol.

      I have see-through containers on shelves there, so I can rotate things in and out of the house. But I am seriously considering taking some of these things to a consignment shop.

      Thanks for stopping by…and a reading corner is always a wonderful addition to a room.


  2. Your home always looks so cosy – and I love the sleeves on that blouse. When I went to college I made a dress with sleeves like that, and a collar, and high waist, with buttons down the front, and I was so proud of it. It was made of two types of blue gingham, with big and little squares. My Snapshot is at


    • I don’t remember where I even got that blouse, but I wish I’d saved a few of those things. I like looking at the photos and remembering. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Christine, and for visiting.


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