Welcome to our regular feature, Saturday Snapshot, our opportunity to showcase photos we or friends and family have captured.  The event is now hosted by West Metro Mommy.

After last week’s book purging, I did a little rearranging…and also added a few more “purged” books to the boxes in the garage.

pub table

I rearranged the books to make room for a couple of fairytale friends…and then I set things up for my online soap watching (of All My Children and One Life to Live on

Watching Online Soaps
Watching Online Soaps

Next I put some of the books from this bookshelf above onto my sofa table shelf.


After doing all of that, I went online to see what some of my Facebook friends were doing…and found these photos of my niece Dorothy’s wedding in Aurora, Colorado.

Wedding day for Dorothy in Aurora, CO

Dorothy & Andy
Dorothy & Andy

I think weddings continue the theme I started earlier with my soap opera viewing!  lol

And today I’m writing this blog post on my patio.


Now I’m off to check out your blogs….enjoy your weekend!


    1. I imagine that I will soon move on to other things…but I still have a mostly empty box in the garage (in addition to the full ones) that is just waiting for more books! lol

      I have only been to one niece’s wedding….they all seem to get married in other states! In my sister’s family, there are four girls, all with college degrees, and now three of them are married. Thanks for stopping by, Margaret.


  1. Online soap operas? I’m so out of the loop! I thought AMC got cancelled. I used to watch all the time when I was a college student.

    My book shelves are still calling to me to clean them up and I keep ignoring them and putting more books on the floor!


    1. I did move some of my “floor” books to the emptied shelves…and also moved a few more into the garage.

      And yes, AMC and OLTL were cancelled from the networks in 2011 and 2012….but in April 2013, they were launched on I was hesitant at first, not wanting to watch on my computer…but then my son set me up with the HDMI cable that connects my laptop and TV, and there it is, showing on the TV! Voila!

      Thanks for stopping by, Leslie…enjoy your weekend.


      1. My new TV talks to my computer network and I’m pretty sure it will also access Hulu but I haven’t bothered… I thought Hulu was replays of stuff already broadcast. Like I said, out of the loop. Not that I need more things to add to my day or anything but I should probably check that out just, ya know, because it’s there.


      2. I had no clue as to how we would view the shows online. The first conversations about taking the soaps to the Internet began in 2011….and then resumed this year. As the launch approached, we got all the info. And Hulu does have shows that have already aired, but also new ones, like the soaps…and some British shows.


  2. What a lovely assortment of photos giving us a view into your life. I definitely need to get some book organizing done in my home today. Your niece is so lovely, many happy wishes for her new life.


    1. Thanks, Bellezza….I have felt energized by this project, and while I’m sort of done for awhile, there is still a box that isn’t full. So who knows? Glad you could stop by…enjoy the weekend.

      And thanks for the good wishes for my niece.


    1. I am definitely enjoying the empty shelves that seemingly urge me to fill them up with more books! lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Paulita…and thanks for the kind words about my niece. Enjoy your weekend.


  3. I considered purging my books when i was looking through the 1000+ ones of them yesterday in the basement. Then I thought “No!!” Maybe next summer. I’m in trouble if we ever have to move from here!
    Congrats to your niece – lovely pics! 🙂 -beth Beth’s Book-Nook Blog


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