Welcome to our regular feature, Saturday Snapshot, our opportunity to showcase photos we or friends and family have captured.  The event is now hosted by West Metro Mommy.

Now that Christmas is coming very soon, I will share a few decorations…and also some more family shots.

First….across the world, in Spain, my son’s bride Gabi snapped this rare and spontaneous shot of Craig.  He looks exuberant, doesn’t he, especially for someone who is usually behind the camera instead of in front of it.

Taking a leap of faith?  Craig, newlywed, in Fuengirola, Spain
Taking a leap of faith? Craig, newlywed, in Fuengirola, Spain

Now…back to the states, and down south a bit, in sunny LA:  Aubrey and some friends “catch” the premiere of Catching Fire.

Aubrey, far right, with friends
Aubrey, far right, with friends

Here in my city in the middle of the state, we are gradually decking the halls.  I pulled some of the usual decor out of the bins to showcase a wee bit of Christmas, Laurel-Rain Style.


And here’s a little vignette, with “fake” poinsettias, to make us feel the cheer of the season.


And for the grand finale, here’s the tree at the home of Heather, Steven, and Noah.  I recognize some of the ornaments from the days when I had a big tree in my foothills house.

Heather, Steven, & Noah's tree

Now…for the rest of the weekend, I plan to watch movies and shows on Netflix, sip a little eggnog, and read.  What are you doing to get in the holiday spirit, if you celebrate it?


    1. Your day sounds very productive, yet fun. I like the idea of your snow swirls, although I suspect that I wouldn’t like it on a regular basis. Thanks for visiting my blog, Catherine, and enjoy your weekend.


    1. So do I, Sheila. As a photographer, he is rarely “in front” of it. My decorating is more minimal every year, too. I still have bins in the garage that will probably remain there. I did add a few things yesterday that are not shown in the photos.


    1. And thanks for visiting, Elizabeth…I do love this time of the year. A few years ago, however, I was a big Scrooge. But three years working with kids in a private foster care agency (after my 27 years working with similar kids for a bureaucracy) brought the joy of the season to my life.


  1. love the holiday sharing! I try to get all my shopping done by the 10th so that I can revel in the season without stress. Today we made cookies and did Xmas cards. We will start wrapping 2-3 presents a day. My favorite thing is that we put up a manger scene that I’ve had a long time. Each year I add a new piece. The children set it up and we move the three kings around the room, closer to the manger by January 6th. We sing in the Christmas choirs, too. Beth 🙂


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