Welcome to our regular feature, Saturday Snapshot, our opportunity to showcase photos we or friends and family have captured.  The event is now hosted by West Metro Mommy.

This week, I found a collage of photos that Fiona had taken, showing the process of cleaning up and decorating her room.

A teenage girl’s room is a special place, and I always enjoy seeing the personality come through.

As I studied the pictures, I was reminded of other rooms Fiona has enjoyed over the years, starting with her first room of her own when she was living in my guesthouse in the foothills.  And then there was the room  she often used in my house next door.

First, let’s look at Fiona in infancy and now:


PicMonkey Collage-two Fionas

Fiona’s first room of her own…


fiona's room in guesthouse - friant

Fiona’s room at my house, where she had sleepovers and playtime….


fiona's room in main house-friant


And Fiona’s teenage sanctuary….


Fiona's room


Do you have fond memories of the various rooms you have enjoyed over the years?






    • I wish I had taken pictures of my daughter’s teen room…from the townhouse I showed last week. I probably never took one because you could scarcely see anything for all the mess…LOL.

      Yes, purple and black are good teen colors! Thanks for stopping by, Jackie.


  1. It is a joke in our family that I have never had a room of my own. I shared a bedroom with my parents while an infant, then shared a room with my sister while growing up and after high school graduation, got married and have been sharing a room ever since. Funny huh?


    • I was lucky to have one for the first thirteen years of my life…and then had to share with my baby sister. Yes, thirteen years younger! She was more like my child than a sister. Thanks for stopping by, jkb.


  2. I never had a room of my own until my younger son moved out a couple of years ago. I love that room so much. Maybe because I’ve been deprived of this personal space all my life.


    • Both my daughter and granddaughter were only girls in a family with several brothers. Luckily they got their own rooms.

      Personal space is so important…if you had it, then lost it, it feels horrible. And if you never had it, then suddenly got it, what a blessing! Thanks for stopping by, Deb.


    • As I mentioned above, I did have my own room for many years…and then didn’t. I feel as though I have been searching for it ever since! LOL. Now I have not only my own room but the whole condo to myself. Bliss!

      Thanks for stopping by, Sean.


  3. LOVED seeing Fiona’s rooms! I’ve been lucky to have had my own room for much of my life. (My two brothers had to share.) Now I actually have two rooms — an office and a sewing/guest room! One of these days we’ll downsize into a smaller home, but I plan on having one space that is just for me, if at all possible.


    • Yes, even if it’s an office, right? I have had my own space for a while now, and I don’t take it for granted. I luxuriate in it…and I know you do, too.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sandra.


  4. Love the purple drapings and all the cool bits on the wall that must be so meaningful to her.

    I had purple walls in my teenage bedroom. And, I have purple walls in my study, now — although I’ve toned it down quite a bit so it’s more of a dusky purple.


    • I love indulging creative expression in a teen’s bedroom. I love purple, too, but didn’t have any when I was young. My parents were strict! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Joy. Would love to see your purple walls.


    • I especially enjoyed the first four years of Fiona’s life, as she and her parents lived next door in my guesthouse. And I had her for sleepovers a lot in her special room.

      Thanks for visiting, Paulita.


  5. Cute! The room at your house for sleepovers is very inviting. I bet she was there a lot!

    I’m pretty spoiled, I’ve always had my own room. After I got married and had to share a room, I created a sanctuary office space for myself. I think my husband is afraid to come in here with all the piles of books, papers, plants and computers!


    • Yes, I was like the “live-in” babysitter, and I loved it! Fiona has always been a delightful and precocious child. Thanks for stopping by, Leslie.

      I like the idea of your sanctuary office space. And what a good idea, creating the piles, etc., to discourage visitors…LOL.


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