Welcome to our regular feature, Saturday Snapshot, our opportunity to showcase photos we or friends and family have captured.  The event is now hosted by West Metro Mommy.

This week, I am sharing more family photos.

First, here is another version of Fiona, who is in a constant state of change.


fiona - oct 9


And here’s her older brother Dominic, who just started college this year, and has grown a couple more inches.



Dominic - graduate


And here again, another version of Fiona, with one of her nephews, Lane, who is one of her older brother Kevin’s sons:



Fiona and nephew Lane


And here are big brother Spencer’s twin daughters, Bella and Lilly:




Bella & Lilly


And as a reminder of how quickly time goes by, here’s another version of Fiona…aged two; this is one of my favorite versions:






And that’s it for today.  I can’t seem to stop finding old photos, as well as the newer ones.  I found the older one of Fiona when I was clearing out bins, cupboards, trunks, etc., this past week.

I seem to be in a mood for purging.



  1. Grandkids are the best! Only topped by great grandkids! Those twins are precious! They all are!. I have 3 great grandsons. My grandchildren are all in their twenties, so more babies are probably in our future!


  2. I love viewing photos of children, and I’ve gotten to recognize some of your kids along the way. As I always say, Fiona is so gorgeous she could be a model. What a face! Those babies too, what a nice group of young ones. I have 3 grandkids but they live cross country and neither my daughter’s family nor mine has the money yet to visit each other so it’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen them in person 😦


    1. Those twins live in South Dakota, so I’ve only met them in photos…I am so happy that Fiona is still here, and so is Dominic. All the others are out of town. Thanks for visiting, Rita, and I’m glad you love viewing these. Sometimes I think Fiona is going out of her way to look “not beautiful,” with her piercings, etc., but I know she is just expressing herself.


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