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Welcome to our regular feature, Saturday Snapshot, our opportunity to showcase photos we or friends and family have captured.  The event is now hosted by West Metro Mommy Reads.

Last week, my granddaughter Aubrey’s graduation was featured.  This week, her cousin Fiona is spotlighted.  The girls were both born in the same month and the same year:  twin cousins?  Except they are as different as two girls could be, but both are delightful, IMO.  Below, see Fiona, on the right, and another cousin, Danielle, on the left.  Both girls graduated the same night, same place.



Graduates -Fiona & cousin Dani


Here is a group that shows Fiona, her brother Dominic (second from right), some cousins, and on the far right, her boyfriend Tomas.



Grad night - Fiona with friends and family

Below, a bunch of us gathered at The Spaghetti Factory to celebrate with dinner.



after grad party




And just to recapture some moments from the past, here are the two girls, Aubrey and Fiona, when they were seven.  We were at the cabin in Big Bear.  A few years later, I started this blog (on Blogger), and it was called Snow Connections, featuring my granddaughters, and this photo was in the blog header.  Now the theme of family and social connections has followed the blog over to WordPress, where the site is now called Snow Sparks.






It seems appropriate that we celebrate our photos of family, especially these granddaughters, on this blog.  What are you featuring this week?




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    1. Thanks, Jackie, and even though they live hours away from one another, the get-togethers are fun. Aubrey and Fiona weren’t able to attend each other’s graduations, however; they enjoy the photos, too.


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth…and that is interesting, isn’t it? And these two granddaughters of mine have two older brothers who were born almost two years before…also in the same month and same year. Alec and Dominic will be 20 this month.


    1. Thanks, Sue, and I do love these events, even though most of the graduation ceremony was pretty boring, with administrators performing the lion’s share of the speeches. It was a hot night, too, which didn’t help, but our dinner at The Spaghetti Factory was fabulous.


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