Welcome to our regular feature, Saturday Snapshot, our opportunity to showcase photos we or friends and family have captured.  The event is now hosted by West Metro Mommy Reads.

Here I am on Saturday morning, a little late to the party…but I do have a few shots to share.

Here are a couple from Fiona, who loves doing creative things with her photos:



fiona being creative



This shot scared me a little at first…LOL




fiona - more creativity



And here is a long view, showing a bit of the living room and my dining room changes.  I took it with my phone, and I can never get the lighting right…but you get the idea:



september 5 living and dining



Now…back to reading The Hurricane Sisters.







Happy Saturday!



  1. Patty

    I am always amazed at your changes…once I decide on an arrangement I don’t often move big pieces around…I always imagine you totally dressed for your day but delicately schlepping furniture around. I would be exhausted just from dusting.


    1. Thanks, Louise, and I love discovering new ways to play with photos….as for my house, my guests this summer offered the opportunity to see ways to make things more comfortable. Aside from that, though, I have an Obsessive Decorating Disorder (LOL), and rearranging things is the only way to deal with that, since buying new stuff isn’t in the cards.


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