Welcome to our regular feature, Saturday Snapshot, our opportunity to showcase photos we or friends and family have captured.  The event is now hosted by West Metro Mommy Reads.

Today’s event is going to spotlight extended family members…nieces, grand-nieces, step-grandchildren, etc.

First up:  My niece Emily and her daughter Margaret:


Sept. Emily & Baby Margaret


My niece Amy with her hubby Rick and three kids, Luc, Gavin, and America:



Amy, Ric, and Kids


And now for my step-granddaughter Jessica:



Step-granddaughter Jessica


And finally…my step-great-grandson, Luke:



Step-great grandson Luke


I love the various forms that family can take, and I celebrate its diversity!  What are you sharing today?



  1. Most of us have diverse or blended families these days. I have step-grandchildren too, along with adopted nieces and nephews, and then there are significant others and partners that the majority of America does not recognize. We do need to celebrate all of these members of our families.


  2. I am of a mind that the concept of family has changed dramatically since the end of WWII and for the good! We travel more, are a more blended society right here in the States, have embraced different lifestyles, and have become more accepting of each other. I say amen that that! You are very lucky to have such beautiful grandchildren ! I’m still waiting!


    1. Thanks, Susan, you are right about the dramatic changes over the past few years…also, I saw a lot of changes in the 60s and 70s.

      I enjoy the grandchildren, no matter how they came to be in my family.


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