Good morning!  I just stumbled upon this new Thursday event at Kimberlyfaye Reads, via Brandie Is a Book Junkie.

TBR Thursday sounds like a great way to review what’s on my TBR piles, so here goes!

I’ve been making lists of my book purchases, highlighting the ones I haven’t yet read, and trying to plan how to proceed.

Flying Shoes, by Lisa Howorth, has been on my e-reader since July 2014, so I should probably make a decision about it…soon!





Mary Byrd Thornton could understand how a reporter couldn’t resist the story: a nine-year-old boy sexually molested and killed on Mother’s Day, 1966. A suspect to whom nothing would stick. A neighborhood riddled with secrets. No one, especially the bungling or complicit authorities, had been able to solve the crime. Now, thirty years later, the reporter’s call will reel a reluctant Mary Byrd from Mississippi back to Virginia where she must confront her family-and, once again, the murder’s irremovable stain of tragedy.

Lisa Howorth’s remarkable Flying Shoes is a work of fiction, but the murder is based on the still-unsolved case of her stepbrother, a front page story in the Washington Post. And yet this is not a crime novel; it is an honest and luminous story of a particular time and place in the South, where even calamitous weather can be a character, everyone has a story, and all are inextricably entwined. With a flamboyant cast, splendid dark humor, a potent sense of history, and a shocking true story at its heart, Flying Shoes is a rich and candid novel from a fresh new voice about family and memory and one woman’s flight from a wounded past.


Obviously, the storyline appealed to me enough to download this one, and I’m occasionally reminded of it when I visit blogs.  What do you think?  Read it or forget it?




  1. I’ve never heard of this one before. I like a good mystery, but I can’t stomach stories that involve sexual assaults and children.
    Seeing as how you downloaded it, I’d say give it a try though.


  2. kgriffin3227

    This one doesn’t really appeal to me, but it’s not they type of book I typically read. I’m interested in books like this sometimes, but this one sounds a little too sad for my taste. If you do read it I hope you enjoy it! Here’s my TBR Thursday. Happy reading!

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