olympus-epl5-camera-0-logoWelcome to our regular feature, Saturday Snapshot, our opportunity to showcase photos we or friends and family have captured.  The event is now hosted by West Metro Mommy Reads.

February is the birthday month for my two gorgeous granddaughters, so it is only fitting that we should celebrate some of their moments.  Here is Aubrey, the oldest by eight days, luxuriating among the “flowers.”



Aubrey in flowers


Here Aubrey is enjoying the Great Outdoors….


Aubrey's adventures


Here is Aubrey on a snowy day…also perfect for this blog and its origins….


Aubrey's snowy day


Here are the two of them in 2004, when they were playing in the snow at the Big Bear cabin…they were seven years old.




Here is Fiona in a recent photo:


Fiona in Jan

Here she is many years ago….


Fiona - a long time ago


Here are some of her cartoons, featuring her and some friends: (She is Pheona on Facebook and in these cartoons)…..


fiona's cartoons - 1


Here are “Pheona” and friend Jordan scaling the heights…


cartoons - 4



Here is “Pheona” with Tomas…around the fire…


cartoons 6


On my home front, here are some views of my coziness….the sofa:


living room 2-4-16


And the love seat….




Changes on a bedroom wall….the photo on the left was taken of some  of the artistic renderings on the Berlin Wall, by my photographer son while he was living there…I had it made into a poster and framed it….





That’s it for this week…what are the rest of you sharing?


16 thoughts on “FAMILY & HOME: BIRTHDAYS

    1. Thanks, Margot, I can’t believe they are such wonderful young adults (I’m not biased, of course, lol); but it truly seems like they were babies just the other day. I get a kick out of those cartoons, too.


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