It is Friday, and time to celebrate beginnings…so I went into my Archive and pulled up a post from two years ago.

No, that post was not the beginning of this blog…that came earlier.  But I wanted to spotlight my upcoming birthday by sharing a post of my celebration back then.  And it also features details from this blog’s past.

October 2015:

PicMonkey Collage-birthday


Last Sunday was my birthday, and I spent it with family.  On the left is a photo of my daughter and me, snapped last Mother’s Day.

Top photos, left to right:  my second oldest grandson, Dominic, and Noah, my youngest.

Heather and her BF are on the bottom right, and dead center:  a slice of birthday cake, wearing all the candles.  And a scoop of Vanilla Bean ice cream.  Yum!


Today I had a birthday lunch with an old friend…I’m talking longevity, here.  We met as colleagues back in the 1970s and became good friends over the years.

Today’s lunch was at Pismo’s, where sea food reigns.





Here is the dessert we had:



cake from Pismo's



I am still stuffed, and it is hours later.  No dinner needed tonight!

Earlier, I clicked on some posts here via my Archives and realized how so much has changed on the blog.  First of all, I started this site at Blogger, then moved here in May 2010.

My “twin” granddaughters —cousins born in February  1997—were the inspiration and on my header for quite a while.  The name was inspired by a photo in the snow of the two girls in 2004, at age seven, and also derived its name from mine:  Snow.


I’m reading a book by Wendy Corsi Staub called The Perfect Stranger, and it features bloggers…and how someone is targeting the members of a close-knit blogging group of cancer survivors.






Here is a photo of the two girls snapped in February 2004, at Big Bear:


fiona and aubrey framed




Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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