Some of you may know that this blog began as Snow Connections, at Blogger, and celebrated the “twin cousins,” Aubrey and Fiona, born just days apart.

Over the years, we’ve seen how their lives have taken them on different paths, but they are always and forever connected by their circumstances.

Nowadays, they do not resemble their photos (above).  For a few months now, Aubrey has been attending a university semester in Prague, and this week’s photos offer a glimpse of some of her “extracurricular” activities, like visits to neighboring countries…for example, Poland.


I especially enjoyed this Krakow Christmas Mart.



I loved this one, too, a view:



Then we can see the countryside…



In this one, Aubrey is playing around with photo editing…or she has figured out how to clone herself:



This sad photo makes me think about the horrific mistakes of the past:  Auschwitz…



Back at home, Fiona is trying on her various versions of herself.  I especially enjoy this one:



And this version…



And here they are again (far right), back in the past…enjoying the weird tree house/fort that my youngest son (Fiona’s dad) created at our foothill home.  I loved the line of eucalyptus trees that bordered the property on one side.



Check out the trees that line the border…and Aubrey with her dad, Brett…



What photo memories are you enjoying today?



    1. Thanks for visiting, Sue, and I think it’s an exciting adventure for a college student. My eldest son did a London semester years ago…and now he lives abroad! First London, then Ireland, then Prague…followed by Berlin. And back to Prague.

      Congrats to your son.


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