Recently I watched the Netflix show about the O.J. Trial, which gave us a peek behind the scenes at the players.  Marcia Clark was portrayed by Sarah Paulson, and she did an excellent job.

After watching the show (the first time, on network TV), I started reading Marcia Clark’s books, but had not yet read her story of that trial.

Today I downloaded the book…and can’t wait to start reading it.  Without a Doubt is not just a book about a trial. It’s a book about a woman.

Marcia Clark takes us inside her head and her heart. Her voice is raw, incisive, disarming, unmistakable. Her story is both sweeping and deeply personal. It is the story of a woman who, when caught up in an event that galvanized an entire country, rose to that occasion with singular integrity, drive, honesty and grace.

In a case that tore America apart, and that continues to haunt us as few events of history have, Marcia Clark emerged as the only true heroine, because she stood for justice, fought the good fight, and fought it well.


I remember the trial IRL, beginning in 1995, and how it took over the TV stations.  I was frustrated that there was nothing else to watch, back then; but I was glued to the screen for the TV movie.

We do have a tendency to watch, like those viewing a train wreck, but what does that say about us?  Is it simply curiosity, or are we gluttons for the harsh evil around us, clamoring for more, even as events wrap themselves around us and grip us like a noose?

We love our thrillers, we watch reality TV events, and we can’t seem to get enough.  What is next?  I know that I look at the news feeds daily to see what is going on in the world, what events are occurring that could change things for us.  I hope for the downfall of some who represent the tawdry world in which we now live.

Do you love watching?  Are you caught up in the turmoil?


Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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