My two granddaughters are often featured here.  In fact, this blog was first created as Snow Impressions, and the two girls (bottom right) were on the blog header.

Over the years, they have grown…and are now twenty-one!  They have “twin” birthdays in February.


Today’s feature will include several shots of Aubrey, and even a final one of her little sister Sidney.  In the first shot, we see Aubrey climbing a mountain. 


Now we see her achieving her goal:  top of the mountain!


Next, let’s check out this shot of Aubrey with her friend Noah:


Below, she is enjoying the lake and the mountains with friends during summer break:


And here is little Sidney enjoying her sixth birthday…little princess!



When we see life in a series of photos, we realize how quickly these precious young people grow…and we savor the moments.

What are you savoring today?



    • Thanks for stopping by, Sandra, and I still can’t get over how quickly these kids have become young adults. Sigh.

      Although I must admit that it is fun to hang out with them these days.

      Enjoy your week!


    • Happy anniversary, Deb! I don’t know too many people who have been married that long…other than people who were in my parents’ generation. LOL. Good for you!

      And you are doing it right, going to Paris and all. Enjoy the weekend.


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