After rereading this week’s Saturday Snapshot post, I went back to one I wrote several years ago, during another October.  It was on October 27, 2012.  There were childhood moments, along with some shots of grandchildren back then.


Here are my childhood shots first:

Me & My Older Brother — A Long Time Ago!


In this next shot, it looks like my mother was trying to “pose me” for a picture she planned to take (she always wanted everything to be perfect!).  Instead, my aunt snapped the shot of my mom trying to get me ready.

Now here are some grandkid moments:

Fiona Posing….


Alec & Aubrey at Big Bear

In this next shot, we have a blended family photo that includes three of my grandchildren (Alec, Aubrey, & Aaron), their mom and stepfather, and their two half siblings (Silas and Sidney).


A Family Moment at Big Bear: L to R – Jody (the mom to all these kids); Alec; Aubrey holding Sidney; Aaron; and Mike holding Silas.


And next is a shot of Silas and Sidney:

Sidney & Silas



It is hard to believe how quickly time passes, and how we also connect to those moments years ago, almost as if we have stepped back in time.

What moments take you back in time?



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