As we march forward to the end of this problematic year, I am feeling hopeful.  And invigorated.

Even in 2019, I was struggling to adjust to my new circumstances:  living in a senior residential community.  Before the Pandemic, however, I was loving my independence, which involved calling for a Lyft driver to go shopping or to meet with friends.

Everything changed in March, when we were all locked down here.  I consider it a fortunate aspect of my introverted personality that I could find a way to get through these changes. Books, movies, and the constant reshuffling of my interiors helped me adapt.

Today I read an article about napping, and how recharging our bodies can help us “improve memory, boost creativity, and enhance emotional control and stamina.”


Ever since I retired, a few years ago, I have enjoyed the occasional nap.  And, as suggested by the article, a short nap is better than sleeping away the day.

Today is Monday, and I look forward to starting the week with the things I love, like bookish blog events and daytime television shows.  Yes, I am addicted to soap operas.  What I love about them, and have enjoyed for years, is how viewing them takes me out of my own distractions and worries.

There are only four remaining shows, and I am able to manage them without giving up anything else I might enjoy.

General Hospital is a show I have watched on and off since 1963.  Back then, I was still in college and arranged my viewing around my classes.  Later, I used a VCR and then a DVR to record the shows.

After a weekend, I am always eager to rejoin the cast and their various antics.

Meanwhile, I am loving my books…and my current read, which I hope to finish today, is a new series from an author I enjoy: 

Out of Her Mind, by T. R. Ragan


What do you enjoy about Mondays?  Are you finding ways to cope with the challenges of 2020?



Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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