These “hippie” dolls named Dylan and Harmony have been my little friends for many years.  They have “lived” in my A-frame house in the foothills; my condo in the city; and now, finally, in my studio apartment where they stand on my filing cabinet.  There they are, guarding the cabinets and the folding chair, lol.

Small spaces demand different roles for these dolls.  They began their life with me on shelves of various kinds, including this special bookshelf at my last residence.  They mixed it up with my Red Hat trinkets and some Boyd’s bears.  They also shared the attention of photos of Ireland snapped by my eldest son, who lived there for more than a year:

Finally they are gracing the blog header here. My last dolls to decorate this site were my Madeline dolls, and I am still very fond of them, but giving them a respite from the spotlight.

They still share space in my current apartment on the entry way cabinet:

Before the entry way, they posed atop my desk.

Did you enjoy the little history lesson?  Maybe not, but I know that everyone has a story, including the dolls who live with me.

Enjoy the Christmas holidays, and have a wonderful and happy New Year.


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