Two women. A dying wish. And a web of lies that will bring their world crashing down.

Nina and Marie were best friends—until Nina was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Before she died, Nina asked Marie to fulfill her final wishes.

But her mistake was in thinking Marie was someone she could trust.

What Nina didn’t know was that Marie always wanted her beautiful life, and that Marie has an agenda of her own. She’ll do anything to get what she wants.

Marie thinks she can keep her promise to her friend’s family on her own terms. But what she doesn’t know is that Nina was hiding explosive secrets of her own…

Marie’s vow to step in and take care of her best friend Nina’s family after her death sounds like a loving thing to do. But is Marie truly who Nina would have chosen if she had known Marie’s secrets?

Will Marie’s plan include taking over Nina’s life, including her friendships and even her husband? The friendships included Camilla, who has secrets she has been keeping, too. Her connection to Marie runs deeper than previously known.

There were times that I found Marie very annoying, but then again, none of the other people in Nina’s life were who they seemed to be, either.

What will Marie finally do to step up, and will she be the right choice for the task? Will she keep her own darkness hidden as she tries to protect those she loves?

The Last Wife had many twists, and it was hard to give any of the characters a pass. They all had darkness that could come back to haunt them. 3.5 stars.



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