My doll obsession began many years ago when I started ordering some lovely porcelain ones for my house in the foothills.  I went a little bit overboard, but brought most of them to my condo in 2007.  I added more to the collection.

Then I stashed a few of them away in bins in my garage…and most of them did not come with me to the residential senior living place in 2019.  While there, however, I started trying to find a doll I really missed…and the mini-versions of that doll (above) became stand-ins for the larger Madeline doll (below).

While searching for this doll, I started collecting “soft dolls” that took up less space.  Paisley and Pippa, below, launched that collection:


Next, Poppy with Paisley


Piper joined the group


Peony and Piper


Then Payton was added:


Finally I found my Original Big Madeline! Happily, she sits atop one of my bookshelves


That’s it for now!  Not that I won’t start another collection, however, since my new apartment has more space.  Do you obsess about (or collect) things, other than books?


Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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