Good morning, blog world!  What sparks your energy, creativity, and imagination on a Monday morning?

Today I was sparked by comments on my Creative Moments site where I talked about how I’d been slacking off a bit on my rewrites.

Encouraged, as always, by the wonderful and supportive remarks, I felt renewed.  Reenergized.  Is that even a word?

So as soon as I did some blog visiting for my Monday Memes post, I opened up my Defining Moments document and began again.

I left off last (with the rewrites) on page 64, Chapter Ten.  After two hours of total concentration on the work, I ended up on Chapter Fifteen, page 117.

Which also begins Part II in the WIP, called Revelations.  Part I is entitled Introductory Moments.

The MC, Jillian McAvoy, has just ended a bittersweet phase in her life.  A love affair has gone wrong, but her book is out there on the shelves.  She has improved her relationship with her daughter Megan.  And across the street, her neighbor Ernestine is remembering the past and the secrets that have plagued her all these years.

What will happen next?  Even though I have the first draft down, my rewriting can turn things around.  Nothing is written in stone.

I like this part.  As much as I have been procrastinating, when I do open the document and begin, I am excited and full of energy.

See what a few sparks can do?  What sparks you on a Monday morning?  What do you look forward to?




In the spirit of the Bloggiesta (a month early!), I decided to do a major overhaul of this particular site.

Many of you probably are familiar with my frequent blog background and header changes over time, and some may have witnessed my blog mergers over the past year or so.

This little blog began over at Blogger as Snow Impressions, and had a familiar snowy image of my granddaughters.  When I decided to bring the blog here, I merged it with Snow Connections.

At that time, I changed the name to Snow Connections & Impressions.

Now that I’ve “sat” with it awhile, I wanted something shorter, quirkier, possibly even edgier, so now, voila!  Meet Snow Sparks (with a tagline of My Connections & Impressions).

What do you think of when you hear the word “sparks”?  Well, I did name my Kindle “Sparky,” because of how it generates reading moments.  It sparks enthusiasm from some.  I hope that Snow Sparks will be a place in which I can “spark” creativity, connections, and all kinds of enthusiasm. 

Is this too much to expect from one little blog?  Perhaps, but I know that I am already excited about the feeling I now have, with my new title; my new theme; and the header that is a photograph of the reconstructed Berlin Wall, created by my son, the Berlin Photographer.

In the next few days, I will be thinking of some kind of signature event to further elicit the feeling of sparks.  Any ideas, anyone?

Note the blog button at the top of this post.


Welcome to another edition of A Bit of Me (Me), hosted by There’s A Book.

As usual, our prompt from our leader helps us dig down a bit, exploring those bits and pieces of ourselves.

This Weeks Question: What is your favorite type of art? Or do you happen to have a favorite painting/artist/sculpture/etc.?

Art is in the eye of the beholder.  Isn’t that something you’ve found to be true?  I am enamored of many artistic expressions, but my all-time favorite is PHOTOGRAPHY AS ART.
When someone captures an image on film (or digitally, as today’s technology dictates), we can see another version of art.
Since some of you know that my eldest son is a photographer who has been capturing European images for several years now, I cite him as the perfect example of photography as art.
In my blog header today, I am sharing an image he captured when he was quite young, and the subject was his sister, at age fifteen.
A couple of years ago, he focused on the Berlin Wall, under reconstruction, and showcased the process from start to finish.
The Wall Under Reconstruction

A Piece of the Reconstructed Wall

And here’s one more:

In some ways, this is art twice created:  first, from the painters brush to the wall; and then, captured by a camera.

What are your artistic choices?  Why don’t you stop by and share…..


Today I’m very excited to connect with other bloggers in this event hosted by There’s A Book.

Every week, we come together and ponder a question posed by our host.  Today’s question:

Name at least one (more if you want) thing you are grateful for.
That’s an easy one.  There are so many things for which I’m grateful, and this time of the year really brings those moments to the forefront, since it’s the time we usually gather around and enjoy those with whom we share special connections.
My special gratitude goes out to my family members, some of whom live far away.
Grandkids — Thanksgiving 2009
We have a special holiday tradition that includes getting together on the weekend after Thanksgiving (with my second son who celebrates out of town); he and his three children meet us in a favorite restaurant, along with the grandchildren who live in my city, and afterwards, we make them pose for a picture.
I’m grateful that they put up with that tradition, since that’s not the favorite part of the event for them.
Throughout the year, I have opportunities to get together with the grandkids who live in town, and we have moments like these:
Local Grandkids — A Get-Together
And then there’s my youngest grandson, who comes over for sleepovers and enjoys movies and eating.
Noah and a Smoothie
Aside from my family moments, I thrive on my ability to focus on my creativity and connect with other bloggers.
I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year, and feel exhilarated that I have completed 45,785 words (of the 50,000 word goal), and since we have to reach the goal by November 30, I feel as though I’m making good progress.
Creation Station
And I’m also very fortunate to have a large collection of books to dive into, although sometimes I see the TBR stacks as an obstacle to overcome.  But that’s just the downside.  The upside…I could read from these stacks for the next year, at least!
Revised TBRs – One View
Another View
And these photos are just the ones in my bedroom.  My office has a fairly large number of “newer” stacks.
So what are you grateful for?  I hope you’ll stop by and share.


In a Village Between Berlin and Prague


Hump Day is a hurdle (or a challenge) every week, so I like to do something to commemorate it.

Today, my creative impressions spotlight a photo captured by my son, Craig Robinson — Berlin Photographer.

He captured this photo when he stayed in this hotel that he’d been noticing.  Then he wrote this on Facebook:

Over the last year, each time I passed this village on the train from Berlin to Prague (and back) I said to myself: ‘One day I will stay in that old hotel with the giant rock hanging over it.’ And for 3 nights last week, we did. 🙂

Don’t you love living out your wishes and dreams, even just the small ones?

This month, I’m realizing a dream of mine. I’ve been hearing about NaNoWriMo for months, and hadn’t decided whether or not to join in this challenge.  But then I did, and so far, I’m really excited.  50,000 words in 30 days!  My word count today, on Day 3, is 5655—ahead of schedule.

Is anybody out there participating?  LOL

Judging from the activity and the length of time to load the pages, I’m sure a lot of people around the world have joined this challenge.




Today’s topic for this meme hosted by There’s a Book is a tricky one.  We’re supposed to share about our very special talent(s).

Some of us (me!) were brought up thinking it’s not “nice” to “toot your own horn.”  But then I grew up and joined the world of networking for my creations and realized that, if I didn’t, who would?

I do recall overhearing conversations about myself as a kid, like—”she’s got the ‘gift of gab.'”  I’m not sure this was a compliment (lol), but that was like my tagline.

In elementary school, I scribbled stories in my notebooks.  The kids listened when I read my stories to them.  In high school, I wrote for the newspaper staff (and tried to write my first ‘novel’).

In college, I majored in English for awhile, but then did what some might consider a 180 and veered off into something else (psychology), which, incidentally, was a great asset later when creating my characters.

After many years in the social work profession, writing only case notes and court reports, I finally wrote my first book.  Now I have five novels published.  Maybe you’ll take a look at them.

My Creations

So, I guess this has been my long story leading up to answering the question of WHAT IS MY SPECIAL TALENT?, which I believe is “creating.”

I hope you’ll stop by and share your own special gifts.  I’m looking forward to it.


My Four at the Family Sculpture - 1992

Remember yesterday?  It was Sunday and I went on and on about how I thought I’d finally found a blog theme here that I could stick with…remember that??

Well, here we are, 24-hours later, and I’ve changed the theme again.  But I just keep clicking on possibilities and previewing them, and when this one came up, I really, really liked it.

I mean, who can resist the appeal of the journalistic format?  And then I checked over at a couple of my favorite blogs that use this theme…and there you have it.

So…how long do you think I’ll go before changing it again?

Maybe we could place bets.  But here’s what I know for sure (yes, Oprah!)…I will be changing the blog headers frequently.

Today’s header spotlights my own four kids on the left and grandkids on the right.

More later.  Hope you’ll visit and comment.


Come into my World!

Today I decided to do something unexpected.  I frequently change blog headers, but this time, I actually changed the whole theme.

I’ve been wanting a format that would allow for a slightly larger cropped header image, so this particular theme seems to fit right in.

While I was recreating this blog in the new format, I was also adding pages:  for giveaways, guests, etc.

I hope that some of you will stop by and check out the “guest” page, for example, as I will be actively seeking guest bloggers to talk about favorite topics or review a favorite book or movie.

Feel free to leave a comment and I will contact you.


Today I’m socially connecting, by blog hopping.

First I did my Sunday Salon post, followed by a few other blog posts, like the one on Explorations.

Then I hopped around the blogosphere for awhile, discovering new and intriguing blogs via the Book Blogger Hop.

I like observing and learning from the layouts and content out there, since I’m a blogger aficionado.  I think I can call myself that, since I have LOTS of blogs (nineteen at last count) and follow about a gazillion blogs (well, that may be a bit of an embellishment!).

Then I resumed reading a book that is very fascinating.  The one you see pictured above.  After finishing the book about LMA written by Harriet Reisen, it seemed logical to pick up this one.  The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott is fiction, but based on facts and some speculation.

So now I’m off to pick up where I left off in the book.  See you tomorrow at Rainy Days and Mondays, for the It’s Monday post.  Sheila hosts that one.