The hippie dolls on the top shelf (above) have been with me for many years.  In this photo, they were decorating a bedroom shelf in my previous residence.

When I moved into this studio apartment, I brought those dolls, as they were a part of my sentimental collection.  At first, they decorated the entry way table.  But then one day, someone bumped into the table and they fell!

After their fall, I moved them onto my dresser.

Sadly, they fell again when I had my phone on the dresser and grabbed it to turn off the alarm!  So today I moved them to a safer spot.  I hope.

On Sundays, the housekeeper comes to clean, and we enjoy chatting while she works.  She came up with the idea of where to place them.  I switched out the calculator that was on that filing cabinet, to open up space for the dolls.  See below.


I have one closet in this space.  When I first arrived, I created a little cubby with clothes and a cupboard.

Then I decided to move things around and turn the cubby into a proper closet.  I moved the little cupboard into my entry way.With these changes, I have more storage, all hidden behind the lovely curtain; and the Jelly Cupboard that once lived in the closet area is now in the entry way (see left).

The isolation of the lockdown has given me lots of time to play around with my interiors.  I enjoy it, and I’m glad for the opportunity to spend the time in a pleasant way.  I love to read, too, but sometimes I need action:  moving things around and changing things up.

I also enjoy fixing a tray of breakfast things, including the Cranberry Mimosa you see below:


How do you handle isolation?  What works for you?




After rereading this week’s Saturday Snapshot post, I went back to one I wrote several years ago, during another October.  It was on October 27, 2012.  There were childhood moments, along with some shots of grandchildren back then.


Here are my childhood shots first:

Me & My Older Brother — A Long Time Ago!


In this next shot, it looks like my mother was trying to “pose me” for a picture she planned to take (she always wanted everything to be perfect!).  Instead, my aunt snapped the shot of my mom trying to get me ready.

Now here are some grandkid moments:

Fiona Posing….


Alec & Aubrey at Big Bear

In this next shot, we have a blended family photo that includes three of my grandchildren (Alec, Aubrey, & Aaron), their mom and stepfather, and their two half siblings (Silas and Sidney).


A Family Moment at Big Bear: L to R – Jody (the mom to all these kids); Alec; Aubrey holding Sidney; Aaron; and Mike holding Silas.


And next is a shot of Silas and Sidney:

Sidney & Silas



It is hard to believe how quickly time passes, and how we also connect to those moments years ago, almost as if we have stepped back in time.

What moments take you back in time?



Welcome to a new Sunday feature.  I usually share my Sunday thoughts on Potpourri, but now that I’ve changed up this blog, I decided to spotlight it occasionally.

Last week brought a nice mix of books, movies, and outings.  And a hairstyling on Saturday, after which my daughter and I enjoyed lunch at La Kebrada, next door to her salon.  She is making a face in the photo, because she didn’t want to be photographed while she ate.  Can’t blame her, but she wouldn’t pose for me.  So this is what happened.  LOL.

I went home afterwards and curled up with books and movies.  I had some on my DVR to watch…and I am reading Untouchable, by Jayne Ann Krentz.


Today I plan to enjoy lunch at California Pizza Kitchen…with my book.  I finished most of the weekly laundry.  Later today, I will go on Netflix and Prime…and will not be watching the Super Bowl.

Is anyone out there affected by the closing down of Google+ in April?  I hope they don’t shut down the regular Google.  I didn’t actually use Google+, but I had linked to it on my blogs from my social media icons.  It was annoying to delete that part of my text box.

What does the rest of your weekend look like?



Happy Sunday!  Today I am celebrating my new look, here on the blog.  The blog I started on Blogger years ago (2010), featuring my two granddaughters in the snow, shown above…and connections, which formed the expanded version here on Word Press.

When I moved to Word Press, I kept the idea of “connections” going, and changed the name of the blog to Snow Sparks. 

Family and social connections are still the heart of this site, so finding a new way to feature those precious granddaughters, while also celebrating all kinds of connections…and snow (a play on my name), kept me trying.

Those two girls are now almost 21.  Their birthdays, only days apart, are in February.

Aubrey spent her last college semester in Prague (and surrounding areas), sharing many wonderful photos on Facebook.  Here is one of my favorites, “Overlooking Zurich”:


Meanwhile, back in the states, Fiona attended a training program for a year and worked in Yosemite during the summer.  Now she has a job in the city, but she is still searching for her true passion.  She loves music and writing about music.  In this photo, I think she is dreaming about new lyrics:


I know that it took me a few years to find my true passion, and even when I settled into a career that would span thirty years, I didn’t find my true passion until after retirement.  Writing and blogging now literally consume my days.  Check my website for the books I have written and published.  Books I-III; and Books IV-VI.

My blogs page will show the six where I regularly create about my bookish love…and my family connections.


At the beginning of the year, as with two previous years, I chose a One Word (check what I wrote about my 2018 word):


Since CONNECT is my One Word for 2018, it seems appropriate to spotlight it here.

Do you enjoy sharing your connections?  Do you share them on a blog, or on Facebook?