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Today has been a great Friday, and I’ve been playing around on my blogs.  I’m also getting ready to watch some shows on Hulu.

My cute little Madeline Hatter dolls are now the featured blog header here..see the smaller version of them (above).

I’ve also been using a favorite little mug (below) as a container for tea bags and sugar packets.  Yes, a tiny space requires creative uses of objects.  The mug with cute penguins has been with me since the 1980s!  My youngest son gave it to me for a birthday.  My grandchildren love using it, but if they come here, we’ll have to take the tea bags out of it.  LOL.


Mugs are wonderful accessories.  I have several that decorate my surfaces, like these (below).  On the left is my first grandson’s baby photo, and in the middle the names and birthdates of three grandchildren (Alec, Aubrey, and Aaron) encircle the mug.




I’ve been reading Good Girl, Bad Girl, by Michael Robotham, but I’ve also been distracted by blog stuff.


From the bestselling author of The Secrets She Keeps, the writer Stephen King calls “an absolute master…with heart and soul,” a fiendishly clever suspense novel about a dangerous young woman with a special ability to know when someone is lying—and the criminal psychologist who must outwit her to survive.


What distractions/books/adventures have kept you busy today?