One of my favorite bookshelves holds fewer books since my Purges of 2015…and I love how the family photos are now highlighted next to the remaining books.

Below, note the bookshelf before the purges, but you can see some of the interesting “harlequin” detail on the front; there is more on the sides, not visible here.  I’ve had this shelf for many years.



I like snapping shots of my book stacks, too, and here is one spotlighting some “up next” books…and a Coca Cola glass filled with iced tea.



When I drink my iced tea, I add two packets of Sweet & Lo, which does not make it “sweet tea,” as I’ve learned from reading my Southern novels.

My current read, The Night the Lights Went Out, by Karen White, has a character named Sugar, who is 90-something…and she makes a big production about the correct way to make “sweet tea.”  I’m loving the book.



As Mother’s Day looms on the horizon, I am remembering many of them from the past.  Way back to when the kids were little and brought trays of breakfast food.  Sometimes the toast was burnt, but the memories are even more precious.

Over at Potpourri, I commemorated last year’s Mother’s Day in  A Year Ago:  Revisiting Mother’s Day 2016.

I especially enjoyed the “love art” my daughter gave me, which I cherished by hanging it on my family wall in the office.



What events or mementos remind you of great times with family?




Welcome to another Saturday Snapshot event, hosted by At Home With Books.

Every week, we come together with a snapshot or two or more….sharing a glimpse of our world and peeking into yours.

Since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I’m focused on my upcoming plans with my daughter.  Today I’ll be hanging out with grandson Noah….Iron Man is on the list of activities.

Then Sunday will bring a fun day.  Here are some samples of possible Sunday activities:

Coffee and a Mimosa at home?
Coffee and a Mimosa at home?


Then some bottomless Mimosas here…or maybe at The Office, where my daughter tends bar (but not on Sunday).

Sunday plans


Here’s a shot of my daughter and a friend enjoying themselves….


Girls having fun at work


We’ll have food—yes, food is on the agenda, too!—at The Elbow Room.  I should have pictures of that next week.

For all the mothers out there, have a great Mother’s Day!



Sparks are flying around the blogosphere again today, as we join in with Alyce, At Home With Books, to showcase our Saturday Snapshots.

Happy Mother’s Day weekend, for all the mothers in the blogosphere.

As a grandmother, I often share shots of my grandkids; today will be more of the same, with the “then and now,” theme.

But before I do that, I’d like to show off my toenail bling…yes, that’s what I said!

Tiny glitter on the big toes….


To make me feel a little more festive for Mother’s Day…lol

And now for granddaughter Aubrey, who is fifteen, like Fiona.

Aubrey at 6 weeks


I have many toddler photos, but this next one makes me smile:  it’s a doll created from a toddler photo of Aubrey and given to me one year at Christmas.

Aubrey doll next to the stack of books


Finally, here’s a shot taken a few months ago, in which Aubrey is showing off her baby brother Silas dressed up in his fancy duds.


Now I’m eager to visit all of your snapshots, so please leave your links!