Today I searched my categories here and came up with nostalgic moments to celebrate.  Like a post I wrote on February 3, 2020, when I was changing the look of this space from dolls (above)  to my colorful VW bug (below).  A moment when I was thinking about the various changes in my life.



To illustrate my numerous changes, in life and in my blogs, I had some thoughts about the perfect array of photos to display in my post today.  Yes, you guessed it!  The once-upon-a-time hippie life I had in the 1970s. 


Not just VW bugs, but yellow bell bottom pants.  And curly hair. (See above). Sometimes straight hair.  And rainbow hued ponchos.  (Below).

We did have a VW bus for a while:

For a couple of years, we lived in an English stucco house with lots of windows and plants…and wicker furniture.

Later on in the 70s, I had flowy dresses with my curly/bushy hair:

By the end of the 70s, while I was attending graduate school and my youngest child was almost three, she celebrated the “flower child” years.


I hope you’ll come on by and share some of your nostalgic moments.




After rereading this week’s Saturday Snapshot post, I went back to one I wrote several years ago, during another October.  It was on October 27, 2012.  There were childhood moments, along with some shots of grandchildren back then.


Here are my childhood shots first:

Me & My Older Brother — A Long Time Ago!


In this next shot, it looks like my mother was trying to “pose me” for a picture she planned to take (she always wanted everything to be perfect!).  Instead, my aunt snapped the shot of my mom trying to get me ready.

Now here are some grandkid moments:

Fiona Posing….


Alec & Aubrey at Big Bear

In this next shot, we have a blended family photo that includes three of my grandchildren (Alec, Aubrey, & Aaron), their mom and stepfather, and their two half siblings (Silas and Sidney).


A Family Moment at Big Bear: L to R – Jody (the mom to all these kids); Alec; Aubrey holding Sidney; Aaron; and Mike holding Silas.


And next is a shot of Silas and Sidney:

Sidney & Silas



It is hard to believe how quickly time passes, and how we also connect to those moments years ago, almost as if we have stepped back in time.

What moments take you back in time?




When I found this photo of poppies on Pinterest, my mind reeled backward in time.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are about wandering the land around our home, picking poppies at will.  Not something we can do nowadays, if we can even spy a spare poppy field.

And I loved the song about Poppies, golden poppies, gleaming in the sun….

Nostalgia catapults me backwards at the oddest moments, but never more than when I’m reading or watching a movie.  Images thrust me into the oddest places in my life and my mind.

As I came here today, presumably just to check out alternate themes…and then when I actually changed the theme to this one, I thought about “followers.”

Our blogs keep track for us, and while not one of my blogs has very many followers—the largest total being on An Interior Journey, with 146—when I add up the totals of all eleven blogs, I have 772 followers.  Would I have more or less followers if I had stuck to just one blog? Definitely a random thought….and trivial, at best.

What does any of this have to do with nostalgia, or childhood, or random thoughts?  Well….random, as in traipsing all over the place and seemingly going nowhere.

Do you have days like that?

Meanwhile, I’m struggling with my reading this week.  After a promising start with my quick read of captivating Don’t Go, by Lisa Scottoline, I’ve been trudging through the books that followed.  Alternately watching movies, taking naps, and doing anything but staying on track.



Is it WHAT I’m reading…or something else?  How do you bring focus to your reading when your mind wants to take a journey elsewhere?

It didn’t help that I’ve downloaded some new books and two new Vine reads came in the mail.  I’m itching to grab one or more of these, and forget all about my plan for the day!

Kind of Cruel, by Sophie Hannah, is one I really want to read!



And The Husband’s Secret has me drooling, too….



Yesterday, I downloaded All the Days of My Life (so far), by Alison Sweeney.


And another download is practically shouting at me:  The Glass Wives, by Amy Sue Nathan



So now that I’ve laid it all out there, what should I do?  What would you do?





Welcome to another creative opportunity to showcase photos, via our weekly Saturday Snapshot event, hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books.

Last weekend, I took a detour after returning Noah back to his mom.  I sauntered down a memory lane that led me back to the little suburban village of Clovis, CA, where my daughter now lives and where I lived back in the 1980’s…and I revisited the library.  As I entered those doors, I recalled the many happy times I’d had there.

Library Entrance
Library Entrance



Rustic rafters
Rustic rafters


Another View
Another View


Clovis Library

And at the front door, I enjoyed some of the welcoming material.

Clovis Library


And here’s another outside view.

Clovis Library


The library was fairly new during the time I lived there.  Despite the passage of time, it still filled me with nostalgia.

What are the rest of you sharing today?  I hope to visit and chat with you.




Angela’s Diner in a Philadelphia neighborhood was one of those places that seemed to invite the needy to sit a spell.

So when Gabby showed up there one day after being on the run and hiding from her past, Ms. Potts’s offer of a job as she stood there holding the “help wanted” sign felt like a welcome home.

Narrated in Gabby’s first person voice, we slowly come to know the diner and its specialty of the house: An Order of Coffee and Tears. A homey oasis in the midst of the stresses of life, the diner is reminiscent of a more kind and giving past, a marked contrast to the streamlined fast food places that are cropping up around them. Some of which have stolen their customers, or so it seems.

In some ways, the diner and the characters who inhabit it represent a time out of time. Insulated from the outside world and all of its flurry of activity, it is a place of serenity. However, much drama also plays out within its walls in unexpected ways. Not really marked by a period in time, it clearly reminds us of the kind of place where “everyone knows your name,” and where your friends have your back.

As the pages unfold, we learn about the secrets of those who enter, like Suzette, whose husband is a batterer; and like the aging detective who has one last case he’d like to close; or Ms. Potts herself, whose openness and welcoming greetings hide a terrible secret from twenty years ago. And, of course, we learn Gabby’s secrets.

I did enjoy the cozy feel of the place and its characters. However, some of the language was excessively dramatic at times, with “yelling” and “screaming” being the overused adjectives to describe some of the encounters. And the labeling of characters by descriptors rather than names—Brown, Red, Blonde—defeated the feeling of a friendly place filled with friends.

Otherwise, I enjoyed this quick read that did conjure up nostalgic moments for me. Recommended for those who do enjoy a trip down memory lane and into a more friendly world. 3.5 stars.