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This week, I’ve been sprucing up this blog, and sometimes that means looking through the archives for other posts that push the nostalgia button.

Since my move from my previous residence, in which I lived for twelve years, I’ve been studying everything about that space.


This post is from April 20, 2013:

This week, I’m spotlighting some of my cozy world, as I read and watch movies.  In the first photo, I’ve pushed the loveseat to a new angle, which brings it closer to the other sofa….and makes for friendly interactions.

room changes

sofa table

In the photo above, you can see how I’ve discovered more book spaces on the bottom shelf….I put the Coca Cola bears in garage bins for now.



In the photo above, you can see today’s reading material on the table…and a view of the fireplace and loveseat from where I’m sitting on the larger sofa.

And now…here’s a photo of me, snapped in 1970.  I was cooking Christmas dinner when my partner captured me. 




When I scroll through these photos, I am grateful that I am in a smaller space now, with fewer pieces of furniture.  Plus, I have someone who comes in to clean on Sundays.  I resisted this move at first, but now I’m feeling the bliss of it all.

What do you feel when you look back at old pictures and think of former spaces?


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Good afternoon!  As you can probably tell, I’ve been playing around with WP themes again, and when I do change a theme, I have to create a whole new blog look.

I wanted something that sparkled, so I found photos of some stars, some wine, and a martini.

Then I grabbed the camera, and decided to spotlight a few things around the house.  Here’s a glimpse of the living room, below…and my newly “decluttered” coffee table….LOL




Here’s a close-up of the coffee table.




Now I’m off to the office, where I grabbed a few shots.  I did a little rearranging of The Nook, below:




Here (below) you can see the space where that big bookcase once lived.  Above, there is an award, and next to it, a bulletin board I enjoy, with photos of family, friends, and events.




My laptop is happily ensconced on the table I use as a desk.  To the left, you’ll notice a couple of baskets where I stash notebooks and post-its.  The little VW bug behind and to the left of the laptop (Louisa May), is a paperweight that I enjoy for its quirkiness.





Finally, one of my one remaining bookshelves in the office has been purged, leaving behind some of the books I can’t yet give away.  There will always be those books, I am sure.



office bookcase - post purge

One of my tasks in the weeks ahead is to do a “head count” of my physical books.  Before I started purging, I had 1435 books.  But now that I have let go of six bookshelves full of books, as well as the books in the pantry and in the bathroom, I am guessing there will be hundreds less.

Time to celebrate?  Well, let’s wait until I have some final numbers.  I have a feeling that I’m not done yet.

How do you know when your purging is complete?  Or is it an ongoing process?