Today I’m very excited to connect with other bloggers in this event hosted by There’s A Book.

Every week, we come together and ponder a question posed by our host.  Today’s question:

Name at least one (more if you want) thing you are grateful for.
That’s an easy one.  There are so many things for which I’m grateful, and this time of the year really brings those moments to the forefront, since it’s the time we usually gather around and enjoy those with whom we share special connections.
My special gratitude goes out to my family members, some of whom live far away.
Grandkids — Thanksgiving 2009
We have a special holiday tradition that includes getting together on the weekend after Thanksgiving (with my second son who celebrates out of town); he and his three children meet us in a favorite restaurant, along with the grandchildren who live in my city, and afterwards, we make them pose for a picture.
I’m grateful that they put up with that tradition, since that’s not the favorite part of the event for them.
Throughout the year, I have opportunities to get together with the grandkids who live in town, and we have moments like these:
Local Grandkids — A Get-Together
And then there’s my youngest grandson, who comes over for sleepovers and enjoys movies and eating.
Noah and a Smoothie
Aside from my family moments, I thrive on my ability to focus on my creativity and connect with other bloggers.
I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year, and feel exhilarated that I have completed 45,785 words (of the 50,000 word goal), and since we have to reach the goal by November 30, I feel as though I’m making good progress.
Creation Station
And I’m also very fortunate to have a large collection of books to dive into, although sometimes I see the TBR stacks as an obstacle to overcome.  But that’s just the downside.  The upside…I could read from these stacks for the next year, at least!
Revised TBRs – One View
Another View
And these photos are just the ones in my bedroom.  My office has a fairly large number of “newer” stacks.
So what are you grateful for?  I hope you’ll stop by and share.