Saturday Snapshot




Welcome to our regular feature, Saturday Snapshot, our opportunity to showcase photos we or friends and family have captured.  The event is now hosted by West Metro Mommy Reads.

It’s time for some photo sharing.  When my son and DIL were visiting, they spent some time in the surrounding areas here, like Sequoia National Park, before heading to Northern California and Oregon…and then to SF and the coast, before returning here to the Central Valley.

Here Gabi and Craig are showing off the size of the tree in Sequoia Park; can we say “tree huggers”?


Gabi & Craig - tree huggers



Here is a shot in Ashland, Oregon, in Lithia Park:


Lithia Park in Ashland, August


Gabi, getting ready to go up the Moro Rock Trail


Gabi - Moro Rock Trail


More views of Moro Rock….


Morro Rock - 2


More of the Rock….


Morro Rock in September


After their journey, they returned to Fresno, where they sold the car they had purchased and used for the summer.   Below, celebrating the sale at The Elephant Bar.


Gabi and Craig - Elephant bar in Sept


And here, Craig and Heather are enjoying some Mexican food at our neighborhood Mexican restaurant….Gabi chose to opt out of this dinner.



sept 12 - jolly bro and sis moment


And then it was time to take the train from here to LA, where they visited my second son, attended a showing of Jimmy Kimmel Live, and flew back to Europe.



Craig and Gabi - train - sept


A great time was had by all…and the almost three months they spent here just flew by.  Sigh.

Hopefully they will not wait so long to return again.


What are you sharing today?  What stories do your photos tell?