As I wander around my home, occasionally dusting and cleaning, I never fail to look at my favorite things, which include books, fairytale figurines, and photos of family.

This blog had its beginnings as Snow Impressions, over on Blogger…and featured my two granddaughters primarily.  One of the photos from back then was of the two of them at the cabin in the snow.



Today I have a new collection of family photos, mostly featuring my oldest granddaughter Aubrey (she’s actually older than my other granddaughter, Fiona, by only eight days…LOL).

Aubrey has been attending university in San Diego, but this summer she is taking a break to enjoy some adventures with family and friends.  In this shot, she is climbing Potato Chip Rock.



Out on the water…



Some tree hugging with a friend…



Giving back…



Spending time with her little sister Sidney…



And finally, here she is on July 4th with her two oldest brothers, the ones that make up the “A-Team” with her:  Alec, Aubrey, & Aaron.  You may think that Alec and Aubrey are not that tall…you would be wrong.  Alec is 6’2″; Aubrey, 5’10”; and Aaron…well, he is around 6’6″.



Enjoy your weekend!  What are you spotlighting today?




Welcome to another Saturday Snapshot event, hosted by At Home With Books.

Every week, we come together with a snapshot or two or more….sharing a glimpse of our world and peeking into yours.

I pulled some more photo albums down from the shelf this week, and here are some of the snapshots I found!

Right after 9/11/01, I took a trip up to Northern California, to Nevada City; I’d been planning the visit before the disastrous events in NY…and decided to go ahead anyway.  Sometimes the only way to get through the pain is to share time with friends and family.

Judi, pictured below, is a friend I met more than 49 years ago when we were both in college.  Here she is on her lovely deck with her two dogs, Hannah and Murphy.

Judy, Hannah, & Murphy

Judi, Hannah, & Murphy

And here’s a view at the front of her home.

Walking Trail

Walking Trail

After I returned home, I started a new job, where I would work for the next three years.  And during my off time, I enjoyed the foothill house and loved rearranging and shifting the rooms around.  Here is a shot of the den that I called my Ireland Room (2003) with photos snapped by my eldest son when he was living in Ireland.  By 2006, I had turned this room into a master bedroom and painted it sage green.  The Ireland shots moved upstairs.

Ireland Room

Ireland Room

2003 - Upstairs retreat

2003 – Upstairs retreat

Above:  The retreat upstairs was one I created after the downstairs rooms were taken over by my youngest son and his wife, with their newborn baby (a preemie).  As you can see, I have a coffee pot, a microwave, and a mini-fridge.  I could hole up there for days…lol.

Then…a few months later, I took a trip to LA to visit son Brett, who was the owner of a resort that included a golf course at one of the locations.  Here he is with his three kids (the same ones you all have seen recently in their teenage incarnations!).

This was taken ten years ago!

Brett, Alec, Aubrey, & Aaron - 4/2003

Brett, Alec, Aubrey, & Aaron – 4/2003

I had fun traipsing down memory lane again.  Now I’m off to see what the rest of you are sharing!