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Some of my stories are posted in their entirety on Authors Den, a site that also showcases my books and some articles I have written.  Today, I am going to excerpt from a story about a woman facing what she believes will be a blissful retirement, only to be blindsided by the unexpected.  You will then be redirected to the rest of the story on Authors Den.

I will also link to several other stories at that site.

Stumbling Toward Serenity

I awakened very slowly that spring morning, aware of a strange feeling of disorientation.  Had my alarm clock malfunctioned?  As I glanced at its face, registering the time at seven o’clock, I momentarily panicked.  Normally, I would have been up an hour-and-a-half before, halfway to work by this time, refreshed by my shower and fortified by my two cups of coffee.  I would have quickly perused the headlines in the morning paper.  After thirty years of this scene, I did have it down pat.  But today something seemed oddly off-kilter.

Along with the rays of sunshine peering through the slats in my blinds, announcing the beginning to a beautiful day, I sensed encompassing warmth unexplainable by the morning sun, but it took a few minutes for it all to fall into place.  And then it hit me.  This is the first day of the rest of my life!

Last night, my friends and coworkers had gathered together to honor me, an ordinary woman named Sybil Andrews, retiring after thirty years in social work.  I smiled to myself as I replayed the tapes in my head, hearing again the wonderful kudos and best wishes.  They’d spoken with great sincerity, but I’d also sensed their underlying envy as they watched me reach this milestone in my life.  After all, here I am, facing days, weeks, months and possibly years of a whole new life, with unexplored options and a kind of freedom that I’ve never before encountered.

And now, as I stood before my mirror, I recognized an unfamiliar quality in this new Sybil.  I studied my face, with the familiar lines etched along the mouth and crinkling at the corners of my dark eyes.  And that permanent worry line creasing my forehead.  Sadly enough, my hair still needs a touch-up, something to bring a more youthful auburn to the graying strands.  But underneath these superficial and all-too familiar characteristics, I detected an eagerness that wasn’t there yesterday.

Taking my cue from this quality, I decided to plunge into my day and into my life.

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