Here’s another meme that helps us stay connected to other bloggers.  Hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books, we share about old favorites that we’ve enjoyed over the years.

Today I was drawn to the lovely cover on this one, but once I pulled it off the shelf, the memories came flooding back.  A story about family connections gone awry—a seemingly self-absorbed mother from whom the three daughters flee.  Literally and figuratively.  Then one day, the letters begin.

For My Daughters, by Barbara Delinsky, was published in 1994.

On Amazon, we can read this snippet:

Three sisters, longtime rivals, are reunited by the mother from whom all are estranged. Focusing on each woman in turn, Delinsky skillfully brings out the pain, insecurity, and hope each harbors. Although there are men in their lives, the real focus is on the sisters, their relationships with one another and their mother, and a summer retreat that brings self-discovery and resolution to unresolved conflicts. Delinsky develops her characters well and creates a strong sense of place with beautiful, evocative descriptions of the landscapes. This bittersweet story should be a popular addition to modern fiction collections.
Barbara E. Kemp, Library Consultant, Reston, Va.

What old favorite did you find today?  I hope you’ll stop by and share your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “MY FAVORITE READS

  1. That sounds like one I would really like. Relationships between moms and daughters can be so complicated. The fact that I have two older sisters (and usually gloss over my relationship with my mom) makes this one appealing. Of course we’re not estranged from our mom though. 🙂


    1. I agree that these are important issues for daughters (and mothers). I have one younger sister, but our issues were very different because she is thirteen years younger than I and I had moved out of the house by the time she started school.

      Issues with my daughter have been interesting…but they’re better now that she’s a mother.

      Thanks for visiting, Alyce, and for hosting this meme.


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