Good morning, and welcome to A Bit of Me (Me), the event that allows us to share bits and pieces of our lives—outside the blogging world.  Hosted by There’s A Book, each week we are presented with questions to ponder.

This Weeks Question: What would your dream job be?

That’s a good one, isn’t it?  Would you be surprised to know that I’m actually doing my “dream job” now? From the time I was a kid, I wanted to write.  I had to put that dream on the back burner while I worked for more than three decades at a profession that paid the bills.  Not that I hated that career, or anything, but it wasn’t what I’d dreamed about…back in the day while I read and imagined my own name on a book cover.
Here is one of my earliest visual images of the writing life…probably gleaned from the pages of old favorite books like Little Women.
The Writer’s Life
Later, my vision expanded and here’s the writer’s world I imagined.
Gorgeous Writer’s Den
Actually, now that I look at it, that chair doesn’t look too comfy!
But here’s what I actually have, and here are some of my creations.
My Daily World
MY CREATIONS – Click image to visit my website
My favorite part is waking up, hurrying to the computer, and, still wearing pajamas, beginning my day, with only my coffee, my computer, and the world inside my head.
Of course, now that blogging is also part of that picture, I can connect to others, too.  Writing and blogging…my dream life!
What about you?  What do you imagine as the best possible job for you?  I hope you’ll stop by and share….

8 thoughts on “A BIT OF ME (ME) — THE WRITER’S LIFE — FEB. 26

    1. So true, Crystal…of course, it took me a really long time and a high-stress job to get to this point.

      When I was doing it, though (the social work thing), in the back of my mind I was thinking that I was gathering a lot of useful material…which I actually did utilize in my first five novels.

      Thanks for visiting….


      1. Oh, I must admit that some of the horrific images I first encountered have stayed with me all these years….there’s no erasing them from my mind.

        Not that I got desensitized, but after awhile, it was easier to focus on what needed to happen next, rather than dwelling on what had happened already…if that makes sense, Crystal.


  1. That’s incredible! And…I’m entirely jealous. 🙂 Not only that you’re doing your dream job, but that you’ve know what you’ve wanted to do and set out to do it. Also, to come from social work (my dad only just retired from that field last year) and now be a successful writer with plenty of material is something I need to share with my father. He’s trying to write as well and worries it’s just not possible. So thank you for the inspiration!


    1. Sometimes, along the way, I wondered if I would ever get to this place. I retired from my original (county) job ten years ago, but worked an additional three years at a private company from 2002-2005. So I’ve really only had five perfect years so far!

      Thanks for stopping by, Danielle…and I hope your dad takes heart from my rather winding journey.


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