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Every Saturday, we gather around and share bits and pieces of who we are, prompted by a question.

This Weeks Question: If you could change something about yourself, what would it be & why?

Okay, there are probably SO many things on which I should focus here…I’ve had a lot of years to establish my patterns of behavior.  Many, many years…LOL
So, presumably, there could be a whole host of things.  A series of things, even.  And…can you see what I’m doing here?  Totally rambling on as a way of avoiding the question.
Because…if there were things I wanted to change, wouldn’t I have already done so?  Why am I still beleaguered by these traits, behaviors, and attitudes so completely that I’m still clinging to them?
Okay…let’s start with my tendency to WORRY.  Worry about the strangest things can actually wake me up during the night.  Did I remember to do this?  How about that?  What if?
My thoughts are full of these kinds of questions.  In some ways, worry is just a side effect of my obsessiveness.  Yes, if I didn’t obsess so much, than I wouldn’t have these full-blown worries.  I could be like this little person:
When you think about it, worry (and it’s first cousin obsession) take a lot of the joy out of our lives. So if I could curtail this even a little bit, at least, I could sleep better at night.  I might not feel the need to do things that keep me going from morning to night, with very little let-up…like the obsessive blogging, for one thing.  LOL
What am I trying to prove with that?  Well, yes, I tell myself that I have a lot of blogs because I want to express all these various aspects of myself…and that would be true.  But is there more to the story?
Hey, something more to worry about!
So what about you?  Do you have any big, bad habits or patterns you’d like to change?  I hope you’ll stop by and share….


10 thoughts on “A BIT OF ME (ME) — WORRIES & OBSESSIONS — APRIL 2

  1. Worry…I blame that on having children. So I think you should wear that as a positive trait because it shows that you are a dedicated, loving, caring, and protective parent. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it lol.


  2. The best thing I ever learned about dealing with worry was in a relaxation class I attended in high school. Now that I’m doing yoga it reminds me of that class, too. Basically, where ever you are, if you can close your eyes and just think about where you are now and focus on what is directly threatening you at that moment and nothing else you can (hopefully) let go of things that you are worrying about. Not that I can solve your worry problems…this is just how I relax! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Oh, I wish I could worry less. One thing I’ve noticed: when I’m reading or writing, I don’t really worry much. I just focus.

      So, for me, being able to focus on something else helps.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. I’m right there with you and Cheryl. My hubby used to say I was so carefree when we first met and even during our first couple of years of marriage. Well, once the kiddos came it was all down hill. Not to say I didn’t worry before then, maybe I was just good at hiding it. Hehe.

    I absolutely relate to this though, unfortunately. And I agree…if I could stop, maybe I wouldn’t be up at 1am commenting and finishing up posts. LOL


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